by jessica, 09.6.12

expert tip: which vendors should you hire first?

As part of the Nashville Wedding Planners Group, I participate in a panel discussion each week on a variety of topics concerning the wedding industry.  This past meeting, the question was raised as to what wedding vendors should be hired first and why?  I wanted to start a blog post where I share my answers and give you some simple advice.

Most people think to select their venue first so they can set their wedding date.  While that’s true, a wedding planner often knows the ins-and-outs of the wedding venues in your area and can help you weigh the pros and cons of each.  She may also have suggestions for you that you didn’t even know existed.  I help a lot of my clients pick a venue based on their aesthetic and budget.  What can be an overwhelming process can be a lot easier with a planner to guide and consult with you.

photo by rylee hitchner

A designer and stylist are your next priority.  Sometimes this is the same person as your wedding planner (like myself), but some times it’s not.  You may have opted not to hire a wedding planner or only want to use someone for day-of services, but still want a designer to help you conceptualize your wedding aesthetic and bring it together on the day of your wedding.  A stylist will also work closely with your photographer to get the shots you want so you can potentially get your wedding published (if you’re into that).

Once you have your planner, designer & stylist booked, narrowing down the venue and setting a date is key to the rest of your planning process.  Upon setting your wedding date and venue, I’d prioritize booking your photographer, because they book up fast and it’s important to get someone whose style you really love. From there, you’ll move on to booking the catering company, your entertainment and florist because those vendors can typically only take one event a day.

I hope this is helpful… lookout for more expert tips each month on the blog.

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