by jessica, 03.10.11

what is steampunk?

When the girls of lace * paper * flowers were putting their designer heads together to come up with our next inspirational photo shoot, “steampunk” came up and we struggled to verbally define it!

I remember walking away from our meeting still thinking “what is steampunk?”  As I invested more time in researching the mystery of steampunk, I found that it encompassed components that I already find myself drawn to… timepieces, gears, keys and locks, an industrial aesthetic mixed with antiques, gold tones and deep colors.

The definition I liked the most, I found on another blog.  Here’s a good summary….

Steampunk: An aesthetic movement based around the science fiction of a future that never happened. Recall, if you will, visions of the future that were written a hundred years ago or more… telling stories featuring technology that didn’t exist at the time, but might someday. Remember that they were writing with no idea of the microchip, or the internet, or even the internal combustion engine. Therefore, in their versions of the future, the technology upon which society would eventually come to depend is driven largely by steam power or clockwork.

So we are gearing (no pun intended) up for the shoot next week and I wanted to share the inspiration board I designed for it.  We have some amazing local vendors working with us to pull this shoot off and I cannot wait to see it all come together!


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