by jessica, 05.27.16

translating interior inspiration into tablescape styling


Drawing inspiration from anywhere, I often find myself feeling particularly inspired by interior spaces that resonate with my aesthetic. Drawn in by color (or more accurately, the lack of color), line, pattern and textures, when I walk into a store, restaurant or home (where all these things align), I feel more alive than I did a few minutes prior. More than just being pleasing to the eye, your environment can be food for the soul.

When working with my clients, this is what I aim for – a personal, individual events space that feels like you! Your wedding day should not only reflect your personal aesthetic, but more than that, it should be an extension of who you are, and what ‘home’ means to you.

Curating a minimal, thoughtful tablescape also requires a clever and focused symphony of individual elements. Using the interior trend of mixed metals (copper on gold!) and contrasting neutrals as an example – a trend that has inspired me and that I’ve used with a client recently – you can layer copper chargers with organic ceramics, minimal glass and matte rose flatware. To add height, dimension and a sense of visual balance, weave in copper and marble held taper candles, adding softer textures with charcoal linen and cotton paper place cards.

When translating interior inspiration into a complete, cohesive tablescape, here are some more general guidelines you can adhere to: 

  • Ambient lighting helps set the mood: using lots of candles helps the space feel warm and inviting.
  • For a tablescape to look finished, you must straighten all your flatware, position plates in the centre of the chair at least an inch away from the edge of the table.
  • Don’t crowd your table with decorative elements: leave room for elbows so your guests are comfortable.
  • Edit down your use of too many colors.
  • Mix textures within your color palette.
  • Use unexpected elements: for instance, in the tablescape design I mentioned above, we used copper piping connectors to form candle holders adhered on marble tiles.

Read the full article here on my favorite blog, The Lane!

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