by jessica, 10.12.15

inspiration boards

With a background in social work, I’ve always been drawn to assessment, so I developed a process for taking my clients through session that hones in on what kind of event they want to create. During this meeting, we talk about what inspires them, not just within the realm of wedding decor and ideas, but in their lives, both together and individually. We talk a lot about what they value and what resonates with them.

This is where the inspiration/mood board is developed. I’ve done posts about these in the past, some for clients and others I created based on my own personal inspiration. For my clients, their board is a collaboratively work curated during their creative session. These boards not only serve as a tool for myself and my clients to return to anytime we lose sight of the bigger picture, but serves as a way to communicate their aesthetic visually. A piece of fabric, texture of paper, or swatch of color can seem so small on their own, but when put together, they create an overall perception and combined identity that is completely unique.

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