by jessica, 02.7.11

the burlap trend

What’s popular in interiors often translates to the trends you see in the wedding world.  If you asked me to name just one thing that stands out as a wedding trend, I’d have to say burlap.  It’s everywhere and I love it!  Brides are wanting to add texture and more rustic elements with the elegance of their big day.  When I started planning my wedding over a year ago, it wasn’t so prevalent.  In fact, I thought I was being pretty original by requesting burlap table runners and using burlap to make our welcome bags… turns out, I was just a little early.

There are so many ways to incorporate burlap into your dream day, but you have to be careful to not overdo one thing.  Coming up with your wedding “style” does not mean making everything match.  So if you’re wanting to add burlap to enhance your rustic wedding, compliment it with wood elements such as birch bark vases or wood cake stands.  Or if you are going for a more elegant look you can mix the burlap with modern or industrial pieces that will be both interesting and minimalist.

Burlap is both visually appealing and cost effective!  It is however, hard to clean… which is why rental companies typically do not carry it, but might carry a linen blend that offers a similar look.

So if you’re looking to use burlap on your tables (usually a table runner looks best), keep in mind that they can’t be thrown in the washing machine afterwards.  And while some brides are drawn to the raw edge, it often frays, so it’s better to purchase a higher grade of burlap which can easily be found online.  Or consider sewing the edges of the runner to give it a more finished look.

For wedding favors, I love the idea of putting coffee beans in burlap bags.  How cute is this idea from Bliss Wedding Market?

Another popular choice is to wrap burlap around your bouquets or use it in the men’s boutonnières!  Burlap mixes well with jute, twine or a rustic ribbon.  The great natural color, texture and affordability of this fabric makes it a trend that brides just can’t get enough of… I think it’s here to stay!


  • You're right about the trend, the laundering (or lack thereof) and the fact that rental companies normally don't carry it! Believe me, we are searching for a suitable alternative or something that will make our brides happy. We get tons of requests for burlap :) I made my own toppers back in 2009 for a fundraiser and, even though they looked great, it was a mess!

  • I love burlap... rustic. eclectic. and such a great texture pop. :)

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