“Every time I’ve had the pleasure to work with Jessica I’ve been beyond inspired with what she has come up with. Her work is beautiful as well as her spirit and personality. She makes my job easy, fun and she gives me the drive to want to work better because her work is top notch. I’ve watched her work with her clients and she brings a sense of peace to them on such a crazy day and to me that’s one of the most important things you can ask for from a wedding planner. I always look forward to working with Jessica because I know the work will get published somewhere. Jessica’s portfolio speaks for itself. A great stylist, designer, planner and friend.”

Tec Petaja, photographer

“Jessica is kind, fun, productive and efficient… you pick up on this the second you meet her. Her work is truly special. It’s dreamy and gorgeous, but grounded in what is real… what is organic. Isn’t that the essence of a wedding? A day that is spectacularly beautiful, but at the same time represents your real unique love… the reason it’s happening in the first place. Jessica feels the emotions, listens to the vision and then creates a world that is more gloriously awesome than you can imagine. She nails it every time.”

Kimberly Irion, past bride

“Jessica’s event designs are seamless from start to finish.  They are of a quality that sets her apart from others in that she carefully selects images to inspire her clients, and then she works tirelessly to acquire just the right materials, vendors, and venues to make those inspirations a reality.  This is a craft and a gifting, and Jessica does it with excellence.  I have been in floral design for over 14 years and have been honored to work with Jessica over the years.  Here’s the thing, my floral design would not be where it is today without working closely with Jessica in honing my craft, being challenged to work with different materials, and thinking more carefully about design.  And because there is always a beautiful linen, in a gorgeous, perfectly lit room, with just the right table setting next to it, my work looks better on a Jessica Sloane table than anywhere else.”

Melissa Broadwell, floral designer

photo by Tec Petaja

“Working with Jessica is always a breath of fresh air. Her work manages to maintain a level of beautiful consistency & visual style – while at the same time is completely original, unique & tailored to her clients’ individuality. Aside from the aesthetics of her work, she is organized, detailed, thorough & fully equipped to produce any type of event – from a small, intimate gathering to a large wedding with many moving parts.”

Austin Gros, photographer

“Jessica has the unique ability to bring both the coordination and design elements of a wedding together to ensure the day flows well both logistically and aesthetically. She sees and appreciates the details. Every opportunity I have had to work with her has been an immense pleasure and I would recommend her to any of my clients.”

Jessica Lorren, photographer

photo by Jessica Lorren

“Working along side Jessica has been a dream. She has the amazing ability of bringing her thoughts, ideas and inspiration to life. Her eye for detail is impeccable. She truly has a natural ability to style and create. Not only have I worked with her on many weddings, but she also did floral & styling for my wedding. I had on paper what I imagined everything looking like, and when I arrived to the venue on my wedding day I was amazed with how perfect everything looked! Her style and floral far exceeded my expectations. She’s a true gem!”

Amanda Gros, hair and makeup artist

photo by Jessica Lorren

“Jessica has a genuine gift and is a pure joy to work with.  She truly takes time to get to know each couple to help create their expression of style, beauty and love.  In the events that I have had the pleasure to work with Jessica, she has blended business and beauty perfectly!  Her unique style is refreshing and her passion, respect and tenacity to make her clients vision come to light is unrivaled.”

Brandy Dyer, caterer

“Although I’ve worked with stylists before, working with Jessica is an honor and joy for me. Her energy and passion for creating environments that are meaningful and beautiful for her clients is apparent. Watching her bring life to those events is something truly amazing to see.”

Lauren Kinsey, photographer

“Wow! We loved every minute of the weekend. You and your staff did a wonderful job! You and Melissa are so talented. We cannot thank you enough for helping Lauren and Michael have the wedding of their dreams. It was truly very special.”

MaryLee Wyatt, past mother of the bride

“As far as I’m concerned, Jessica knocked it out of the park! When I looked at the reception space prior to the doors being opened, I was in total awe of what she created. I didn’t have the foresight to imagine it being so beautiful. And not just that — EVERYTHING and every aspect of the entire process was beautiful and rewarding. Thank you!”

Marilyn Dennison, past mother of the bride