by jessica, 09.10.14

see sessions with jessica lorren

I am so excited to announce my first workshop that I will be hosting with my amazingly talented friend, film photographer, Jessica Lorren. This will be a comprehensive styling experience exploring the art of seeing.

Jess and I have always had a similar aesthetic. Our goal is to create and portray beauty with an organic, simplistic approach. And our objective for SEE sessions is to help you, as designers, stylists and photographers, to intricately explore how to approach a wedding both aesthetically and relationally to create a final product that is unique to each client and artist.

During Day One, we will be sharing our experience and perspective on: finding your voice as an artist, discovering inspiration, client interaction, building & creating opportunities, storytelling and timeline management. We will review photography techniques for composition, posing and lighting. We’ll also give tips on shooting and styling for getting published.

Day two will include a fully styled wedding editorial shoot where attendees can observe, participate, practice and receive feedback. There will be a Q&A at the end of the day to ensure that each attendee walks away with a renewed sense of inspiration and direction in their role as an artist.

SEE Sessions will be held February 10 – 11 in Nashville, Tennessee at The Cordelle. Space is limited. If you’re interested, please check out for more information.

see sessions

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    • November 23, 2014

    Gah! I know this will be amazing! Excited for you guys and this collaboration!

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