by jessica, 06.23.16

RT lodge familiarization trip

I had the honor and privilege of being invited to RT Lodge in Maryville, Tennessee this spring for a familiarization trip. The venue and staff there far exceeded my expectations and I’m dying to do a wedding there soon! We were wined and dined and got to make new friends while making ring dishes with McQueen pottery and foraging flowers to make our own arrangements. New friends Natalie Watson and Sarah Ingram shared these photos, which shows off this hidden Southern gem!

RTLODGEeditedscan-44RTLODGEeditedscan-12RTLODGEeditedscan-36 005648-R1-016 005654-R1-004 RTLODGEeditedscan-48 RTLODGEeditedscan-52 RTLODGEeditedscan-66

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