Aesthetics matter because they have an emotional and psychological impact on people. We believe that setting the table is setting the mood.


Upon booking, we schedule a creative assessment session with the client. Jessica collaborates with the client to conceptualize their aesthetic + curate a custom mood board that sets the tone for your event through a process she developed years ago. This process hones in on the why to set the foundation for our work together.

transparency inspiration board

Jessica and her team collaborate with some of the best vendors in the industry. She and her team offer full-service planning. We present curated options and guidance through each decision. Our goal is to help our clients feel at ease and involved in creating something beautiful together.


The design is only as good as it is executed. Jessica and her team work diligently behind-the-scenes to ensure that the event is seamless. We pay attention to how straight the forks are. We fold napkins ourselves. We perfectly align the chairs. We believe those things matter!


Jessica works closely with the photographer to compose shots that tell the story. She intentionally builds in time to style details as part of producing the event.

photos by sally pinera