by jessica, 08.12.11

what every bride deserves

I call myself an “event designer” with intention.  I help brides design their day and bring to life what they envision.  I’m definitely a wedding planner, but with a focus on creating an aesthetic for my clients.  With that said, I’ve been wanting to write a post that explores the grey area of both the similarities and the differences between planning and designing.

Event designing is the big picture… assessing what the couple wants their event to feel and look like.  As the lead designer for Lovebird Style, in my initial meeting with a bride we talk about what she likes, is drawn to and feels like expresses who she is.

In planning consultations, we plan what everything is going to look like and use an inspiration board as our “big picture” point-of-reference.  Planning is an essential part of event design, but keep in mind that planning does not equate to styling or design.  Why you might ask?  Because designing starts with the big picture, planning the logistics brings the design together and then the plan must be executed.

A seamless execution is imperative for any event… just think about what will happen if there’s not a schedule in place or a point-person to oversee that your plans are carried out the way you want.  It’s great to have family and friends who are willing to help lend a hand, but most likely they haven’t been a part of the planning and designing process, so it’s wise to let someone else do the heavy lifting on your wedding day.

The bet gift you can possibly give yourself is knowing that someone you trust has everything under control on one of the most important days of your life!  So in my humble opinion, every bride deserves to have a wedding planner & designer who “gets it.”

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