by jessica, 02.8.12

pinning isn’t planning

“Hi, my name is Jessica…
“Hi Jessica.”
“And I’m addicted to Pinterest.”

I’m starting to think we need to form a Pinterest-aholic Anonymous.  It really is that bad and I know I’m not the only one!

Pinterest has become the inspiration standard (almost overnight), especially in the wedding industry.  Brides are pinning away, tons of ideas and visual inspirations for her big day.  What makes Pinterest so amazing is that it takes away the need to flip through a million wedding magazines and gives the bride a place to categorize all the things she loves… and it’s free!  I find myself using it more and more frequently to assess what my clients like and don’t like.  However, I’ve started noticing that brides feel that what they put on their Pinterest board is in fact what their wedding will look like.

Being inspired is the first step, but it can’t be the last step.  Executing your inspiration takes a well thought out plan and someone who can pull it off.

What inspires us can’t always be replicated in the same exact way.  Say that you see an image of gorgeous sheer draping in a barn (that was taken from someone else’s wedding) and you decide you want the same thing.  That’s great, but what if your reception isn’t in a barn?  Let’s say it’s in a tent.  That changes the entire look and there are things to think through… like how the draping will hang or what will it hang from?  I know this may sound like common sense, but it seems to be a common problem!  We see a picture and think we can and should do the same exact thing.  And you totally can, if you have someone who can execute it.

I aim to take what my brides see and love, make a design plan that pulls from that inspiration, but is personal to them.  I want my client’s to have a wedding that makes sense to who they are and their individual style.  So whether you have a planner or not, make sure your planning doesn’t stop at pinning.  Take your inspiration, make it cohesive and personal and then make sure you have someone who can make it happen on your wedding day!

Happing pinning!

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