by jessica, 07.5.11

pinning inspiration boards

For a couple months now, I’ve been addicted to the website Pinterest.  But it’s a healthy addiction because it fuels my creative mind and helps me connect and better communicate with my brides!  For every client, I start out with an inspiration board to organize the overall aesthetic for their event.  Until I was invited to the Pinterest community, I was doing this through a limited google image search.  Pinterest serves as a great tool to categorize ideas and inspiration, including ones I have for my brides.  If you’re interested in pinning, I’d be more than happy to send you an invitation… just let me know.  And if you’re already a veteran and interested in my pins, I’d love for you to follow me here:

And to show you what I mean, here’s the inspiration board for my next wedding at the end of this month.  It’s for a very special gal, and I simply can NOT wait!

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