by jessica, 12.11.13

kimberly + justin’s cheekwood wedding

This gorgeous wedding was an absolute dream to work on! The LA couple wanted to get married in Kimberly’s hometown of Nashville. When I first met with Kimberly she explained that they wanted their wedding day to look and feel like a garden dinner party. Guests received a hand-calligraphied invitation with botanical liner to set the stage for the evening. Their wedding took place on a sunny fall day with all of their close friends and family gathered together at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens.

Upon arrival, the women were served champagne and truffles in the drawing room of the Museum of Art, a 1920’s Georgian-style mansion. The men mingled around the Reflection Pool sipping on bourbon and telling stories about the groom. Guests wrote notes to Kimberly and Justin in “The Green Florilegium,” a book full of old botanical prints. When it was time for the ceremony, everyone processed together to the boxwood gardens and took their seats. The sun was setting as Kimberly and Justin took their vows and the bridal party joined around them for a moment of blessings. It was a magical ceremony, followed by a joyful celebration. Cocktails were served on the Terrace and in the Loggia, under a grand chandelier by the light artist Bruce Munro.

Guests dinned on a delicious southern-style dinner at tables set with heirloom silver containers filled with herbs, ferns, fruits and fall blooms. Everyone danced the night away to Super T, who literally came out in a Superman outfit marked with a big letter T! It was definitely a night to remember!  Jessica Lorren captured the day so beautifully.  And thank you to one of my favorite blogs, Once Wed for featuring this special wedding!

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    • Hayley
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    • January 5, 2014

    Hi Jessica, The whole wedding looks amazing, I'm also getting married in some beautiful gardens this spring in the UK. I've fallen in love with Kimberly's shoes, do you know where she got them from? Thanks, Hayley

    • jessica
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    • January 6, 2014

    hi hayley, thanks for your kind words. i've asked kimberly and she said she got them on sale at dillards. sorry, i don't know more.

    • Hayden
      Reply Cancel Reply
    • January 9, 2014

    I hate to bother with yet another question but, who is the dress designer? I have seen another wedding with the same or very similar dress and I cannot find the name of the designer! I would really appreciate it!

    • jessica
      Reply Cancel Reply
    • January 10, 2014

    it's reem acra resort collection and was purchased at saks. i believe there's a link in the credits on the once wed post.

    • Lana
      Reply Cancel Reply
    • October 20, 2014

    My gosh, the dress is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I have been looking everywhere for it, can you still buy the dress? I am totally in love with it x

  • I love this dress

    • amelia stone
      Reply Cancel Reply
    • April 19, 2017

    Hi jessica. Would you happen to know where the bridesmaids dresses were purchased!? Love the color. Thanks, Amelia

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