by jessica, 05.5.14

my studio and office space

I recently shared my inspiration for my new office and I wanted to share the final product. It’s so nice to have a space of my own. It’s quiet and has lots of natural light. It’s a place where I can focus, create and meet with clients. A big thank you goes to Austin Gros for capturing my little space. You can also see a feature of it on the school of styling.


jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-office_010  jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-office_005  jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-office_006jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-office_011

jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-office_009   jessica-sloane-modern-office-studio jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-office_008jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-office_014 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-office_017  jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-office_019     jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-office_024



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    • May 6, 2014

    This looks so beautiful! Your space is so lovely and what shines through is that you would be in a place that is not only lovely but with someone who knows what she is doing! Love the colors that you used!! Do you mind me asking where you purchased the "wire magazine" holder from? Love that! Congrats on this beautiful space!! :) Rebecca

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    • May 19, 2014

    Love your studio space!!! It is so beautiful!

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