by jessica, 05.9.11

how to define your wedding style

I think the single most important thing you can do when planning your wedding is to think through your overall wedding style.  It’s easy to pick out things you like, but some brides struggle with making it all work together.  While it’s imperative to utilize the things you love, it’s equally as necessary to make sure there’s consistency in what you choose.  Here are my tips for how to make your wedding style come together and look fabulous…

Draw from your experience – Think about the weddings you’ve been to – which ones do you remember with fondness? Which ones stand out to you? Now think about the progression of that event and what about it you enjoyed the most. You obviously experience a wedding differently as a guest than you will as a bride, but this is a helpful exercise to figure out the type of event you want to create for your guests to enjoy. Were your favorite weddings casual or elaborate? Laid back or formal? Did they have a great band or awesome food? How did that wedding look? For me, it was an outdoor wedding where the reception was held in a barn. I loved the casual, laid-back feel of that wedding and was on the hunt for a venue that could offer that experience for my big day.

Get inspired – Once you’ve figured out your “wedding feel”, start looking for inspiration. Blogs are a fabulous way to search for visuals that are appealing to you. Also, look in magazines – wedding magazines are a given, but often times you’ll find inspiration in other places like fashion or home decor. Pay attention to what you are drawn to, what colors, textures and objects you find appealing. At this point, you don’t have to know why you like something or how you might incorporate it. Just knowing WHAT you like can make all the difference!

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