by jessica, 05.2.12

french countryside inspiration

Since I’ve rebranded my business, I’ve talked more about my emphasis on creating a personal aesthetic for each event that I design.  I have at least one creative session with my clients where we dig deep into what inspires them and why.  We assess what kind of event makes sense with who they are and what they value. One of the things we do in that session is build an inspiration board.  I also do a board for the photo shoots I work on so everyone knows the story we are trying to tell at the shoot.

I want to share the results of this process in hopes that it will be a source of inspiration to others.  It’s my goal to post an inspiration board that I’ve designed at the beginning of each month.  This board is one that I worked on with a future project in mind.  I call it “french countryside.”

1. Honey of a Thousand Flowers via Ruffled Blog 2. Tec Petaja 3. Tec Petaja 4. Francine Zaslow


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