by jessica, 11.10.11

collaboration with jessica lorren photography

I recently had the honor of meeting my new friend and fabulous photographer, Jessica Lorren, at a wedding a few months ago.  We met for coffee that weekend and really hit it off.  We both left trying to think up a way we could work together… since Jessica lives in Florida and I’m in Tennessee.  An amazing opportunity presented itself just a few weeks later and we’re thrilled to share a little taste of what we did.

Our first project as “Team Jessica” {which we affectionately like to call ourselves} was to work on a merchandise photo shoot for a major recording artist.  I styled and she captured it… and quite frankly, we’re pretty proud of the results!  The following images are of the food truck, Tin Can Treats, that participated in our outdoor themed shoot.

Due to the nature of the shoot, we can’t share much more, but be on the lookout as the new website for this artist will be launching within the next week!  As a matter of fact, we’re working today on a sequel with a holiday theme that will also be on her new website.  You can check out the post and our inspiration board for today’s shoot here.  And be sure to check out Jessica Lorren Photography’s post too!


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