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expert tip: ditch the theme

It’s common in the wedding industry to refer to your wedding style as your “theme.”  I was a victim of this when I started my business.  When I set out to do a photo shoot, I felt like I had to come up with a theme first.  But as I’ve grown, I’ve learned that having a theme ins’t necessary at all and I try to avoid using that term with my clients because themes are produced and unnatural.

Having a theme implies that your using a common idea or something that has been done before.  Instead, I urge my clients to look for ways to bring their personality and personal style into their wedding day, in ways that feel natural to them.  If you set out to carefully and thoughtfully design your wedding from the beginning, it will come together without having to embrace a theme at all.

This time of year is by far the most popular time to get married in the South, but just because you’re having a “fall wedding” doesn’t mean you have to make that your theme.  There’s much more to autumn than pumpkins, acorns and apples.  I am excited to be working on a few projects over the next month that will showcase ways to embrace a style that’s fitting for fall, without using a theme.  Here’s an inspiration board I just put together for one of these upcoming projects.

1. unknown 2. nicolette camille 3. jennifer behr 4. Nirav Photography

by jessica, 10.1.12

ethereal evening wedding inspiration

Autumn is really inspring to me.  The weather is perfect as it starts to cool down in Nashville and I love being outdoors this time of year.  This inspiration board is representative of how October feels to me… the moodiness and contrasting tones are eerie, while still being romantic and ethereal.

1. unknown 2. daniel andrade 3. chateau de moissac 4. unknown


by jessica, 09.24.12

floral design services

After much consideration and prepping for next year, I am excited to make a big announcement today about how my business will be expanding!

I’ve been asked before to include floral design as part of my services.  It’s something I’ve been interested in, but because I work 12-14 hours on an event day, it seemed like too much for me to take on by myself. However, with the design of the flowers being such an integral part of the overall aesthetic, I’ve found it to be important that I head a floral design team to ensure the cohesion of my vision and the floral pieces within it.

So this year, I’m adding 2 additional event assistants to my team (3 in all) and a floral team, with floral design expertise, who will work to fulfill my design vision, bringing it to fruition and providing clients with a more inclusive design package.

photo by rylee hitchner

I’ve explained my role before as “Creative Director” and it’s important to me that my clients understand just how involved I am in the creative process when I’m hired.  I work really hard to make sure we’re designing an event that is truly unique and personal with every decision that’s made from beginning to end.  To achieve this, it takes a great deal of time and effort, but the end result is always worth it!

I love my job because I love working with clients who have a vision that they want help conceptualizing and bringing to life.  As I collaborate with my clients, we both develop that vision and have a clear idea of how the event should look and feel.  It is then up to me to ensure that aesthetic is well-executed on the day of the event.  To now have the resources in place that allow me to fully execute that vision from beginning to end is a very exciting step forward in my business!

If you’re interested in learning more about this service, please feel free to contact me here!

by jessica, 09.6.12

expert tip: which vendors should you hire first?

As part of the Nashville Wedding Planners Group, I participate in a panel discussion each week on a variety of topics concerning the wedding industry.  This past meeting, the question was raised as to what wedding vendors should be hired first and why?  I wanted to start a blog post where I share my answers and give you some simple advice.

Most people think to select their venue first so they can set their wedding date.  While that’s true, a wedding planner often knows the ins-and-outs of the wedding venues in your area and can help you weigh the pros and cons of each.  She may also have suggestions for you that you didn’t even know existed.  I help a lot of my clients pick a venue based on their aesthetic and budget.  What can be an overwhelming process can be a lot easier with a planner to guide and consult with you.

photo by rylee hitchner

A designer and stylist are your next priority.  Sometimes this is the same person as your wedding planner (like myself), but some times it’s not.  You may have opted not to hire a wedding planner or only want to use someone for day-of services, but still want a designer to help you conceptualize your wedding aesthetic and bring it together on the day of your wedding.  A stylist will also work closely with your photographer to get the shots you want so you can potentially get your wedding published (if you’re into that).

Once you have your planner, designer & stylist booked, narrowing down the venue and setting a date is key to the rest of your planning process.  Upon setting your wedding date and venue, I’d prioritize booking your photographer, because they book up fast and it’s important to get someone whose style you really love. From there, you’ll move on to booking the catering company, your entertainment and florist because those vendors can typically only take one event a day.

I hope this is helpful… lookout for more expert tips each month on the blog.

by jessica, 09.4.12

simple september inspiration

Recently, I was asked what my biggest creative influence is?  Part of my answer centered around relationships, intractions and experiences.

Do you ever look at something and it makes you think of something else?  We all have associations that bring value and meaning to our every day lives.  This board encompasses a feeling of simplicity and tranquility that I find truly beautiful.  And maybe it will provoke a different thought or feeling for you.  That’s what makes us all unique and I love that about the human experience.

1. ville hara & linda bergroth 2. muveil 3. joy thigpen 4. sharyn cairns

by jessica, 08.23.12

bridal fashion and beauty with tec petaja

A while back I shared the inspiration board that I did for a shoot where I collaborated with Tec Petaja, who is hands-down one of the best wedding photographers in the industry.  I simply adore Tec’s work and love how this shoot turned out!  It’s also always a pleasure to work with the super talented Jordan Byers, who created several different looks with the model’s the hair and makeup.  A few images from this shoot were published in the last issue of Mag Rouge and be sure to check out the gorgeous feature of it today on Style Me Pretty!

by jessica, 08.17.12

french bride

What’s more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day?  I felt like these gorgeous black and white film images by Rylee Hitchner deserved a post all their own.  Don’t miss my first post of this special day here. And you can check out the full post that was featured on Style Me Pretty yesterday!

by jessica, 08.16.12

intimate french wedding

I had the great pleasure of meeting and getting to know Rylee Hitchner at Joy Thigpen’s workshop last February.  I was immediately impressed with her sweet spirit and beautiful talent.  Then, this summer we had a wonderful opportunity to work together.  I’m just in love with these images by Rylee!  It was such a dream come true to work with the ever-talented Amy Osaba and Mara of Neither Snow.  I couldn’t limit the post to only a few pictures, so be on the lookout for part 2 tomorrow.  Thank you to all of the wonderful people who’s work made this day so magical!  And don’t miss the featured post on Style Me Pretty today!

by jessica, 08.8.12

watercolor boudoir session

Often times, brides feel uncomfortable doing a boudoir sessions, but I believe that they can be truly beautiful, simple and elegant.  So the same duo that brought you the farm-to-table engagement party, got together again to bring you this watercolor-inspired boudoir session.  I posted the inspiration board for this shoot yesterday.  Our approach was to capture the bride doing something she loves in an intimate setting.

Thank you to the wonderful ladies who helped put this together!  Jordan Byers did Jessica’s gorgeous hair and makeup at the McConnell House in Franklin.  Of course the wonderful photos were all taken by the lovely Jessica Lorren Photography.  And a big thank you to the gals over at Wedding Chicks for sharing this on their blog today!




by jessica, 08.7.12

watercolor inspiration

Anytime my friend Jess of Jessica Lorren Photography is in town, we look for as many excuses as we can come up with to work together.  I had been working on this inspiration board that we wanted to bring to life.  I will be sharing the full session tomorrow when it’s published, but for now, I hope you enjoy the inspiration I call “intimate watercolor.”

1. unkown 2. elizabeth messina 3. my polaroid blog 4. michelle armas

by jessica, 08.1.12

sapphire and fog inspiration

It’s still summer weather in Nashville, which leaves me dreaming of of cooler temperatures by the sea.  This board captures that aesthetic.  I’m excited to be traveling to Portland this month and I’m hoping it will feel something like this.  And how stunning would a wedding be in this palette?

1. jose villa via once wed 2. miramare castle 3. unknown 4. paolo roversi

by jessica, 07.11.12

organic wedding inspiration

It’s that time again… time for a dose of inspiration at the beginning of the month.  We’ll okay, I’m a little late, because I’ve been out of town for a few weeks.  I wanted to put something together that felt organic and fresh, while still romantic.  I’m inspired by natural light and drawn to earth tones, so I find this board inviting and hope you will too!

1. librarisaurus 2. flowerwild 3. lavendamemory 4. elizabeth messina

by jessica, 07.9.12

amanda + dan’s wedding on GWS

I had the honor of working with a super talented and in-love couple on really creative wedding that I’m excited to share with you today on Green Wedding Shoes!  Amanda is a dancer and Dan is an actor, so I knew their celebration of love would be full of theatrics!  From the unique venue, to the couple’s attire, to the ceremony site the groom built and the surprise firework show at the end, this wedding was certainly memorable!  You can see the full post on Green Wedding Shoes here!

by jessica, 06.14.12

style me pretty’s little black book

Almost 2 years ago, I remember getting the email from Style Me Pretty that said my wedding was going to be published on their gorgeous blog.  I was ecstatic!  And it was around that same time that I started my business.  Looking back, I couldn’t have imagined that I’d be this far along and that Style Me Pretty would ask me to be a member of their well-known Little Black Book!  You can find me in the Nashville, Tennessee vendors section in a brand new category for our region here.

by jessica, 06.6.12

bridal fashion featured on wedding chicks

I’ve been looking forward to working with Austin Gros on weddings this year, but jumped on the opportunity to work with him this spring when he and Amanda asked me to be a part of this shoot.  Amanda Montoya is an amazing hair and makeup stylist and she did a lovely job on these beauties.  The gorgeous hair pieces and belts from Untamed Petals were the perfect accessory to the amazing clothes from Ivey Boutique.

This is one of the first times I took on designing all the bouquets for a photo shoot.  I got bold and even designed the tulle skirt the model is wearing.  It was a lot of fun!

Here are some of my favorites shots.  A big thank you goes to Wedding Chicks for featuring our work today! You can see the full post here.

by jessica, 06.1.12

warm summer inspiration

As promised, I’ll be posting an inspiration board at the beginning of each month and sometimes in between. The last inspiration board I posted was a soft spring palette.  But since it’s now June and the weather has been extra warm in Nashville, I thought it appropriate to post a summer board.

Though I typically gravitate towards softer, more muted colors, there’s still a place in my heart for bright hues. This would be perfect for a beach wedding, pool party or summer backyard soiree.  Doesn’t it just make you want to fly off to Morocco right now… man I’m glad I’m going to the beach this month!

1. Horst P. Horst 2. Four Seasons Hotel 3. Michelle Brown 4. Lauren Ross

by jessica, 05.22.12

soft spring inspiration

Spring represents new life and new beginnings.   With that always comes a sense of hope and anticipation of what’s to come.  I love that about this season.   Before it turns into summer, I wanted to share some inspiration for using soft and earthy tones that would be beautiful for a spring wedding. In fact, this board represents one of my personal favorite color palettes to play with and it was inspiration for a shoot that I hope to share with you soon!

1. unknown. 2. Flower wild 3.  Jose Villa 4. KT Merry

by jessica, 05.7.12

my first bouquet

Although I don’t aspire to be a florist, I’ve recently had the opportunity to apply my creativity to arranging flowers and it’s been a lot of fun!

In this previous post, you can read about my experience at Joy Thigpen’s styling workshop, where we were given amazing materials to work with to form our own bouquets.  This was my first experience putting together a bouquet to be photographed.  We even did a little foraging on our own, which was another first for me.

Joey Kennedy shared these beautiful photos that he took and I wanted to share them with you.  I love the first image of Joy Thigpen teaching us about how she creates one of her gorgeous bouquets.  I hope to be dabbling with flowers more and more… so here’s to the first of many more bouquets to come!


by jessica, 05.2.12

french countryside inspiration

Since I’ve rebranded my business, I’ve talked more about my emphasis on creating a personal aesthetic for each event that I design.  I have at least one creative session with my clients where we dig deep into what inspires them and why.  We assess what kind of event makes sense with who they are and what they value. One of the things we do in that session is build an inspiration board.  I also do a board for the photo shoots I work on so everyone knows the story we are trying to tell at the shoot.

I want to share the results of this process in hopes that it will be a source of inspiration to others.  It’s my goal to post an inspiration board that I’ve designed at the beginning of each month.  This board is one that I worked on with a future project in mind.  I call it “french countryside.”

1. Honey of a Thousand Flowers via Ruffled Blog 2. Tec Petaja 3. Tec Petaja 4. Francine Zaslow

by jessica, 04.12.12

joy thigpen’s styling workshop

Everyone should have a hero in their industry, someone they respect and admire professionally.  For me, that person is Joy Thigpen.  She’s a creative genius and I’ve always adored her work.  So when I saw that she was offering her first ever workshop, I knew I had to go!

You can’t really go to school to be an event stylist.  It’s something instinctual.  But you can learn ways to improve your talents and increase your skill set.  That was my goal for attending Joy Thigpen’s styling workshop.

We had 3 gorgeous days at Serenbe.  I met some amazing people and I’ve since had a hard time putting into words everything I learned and felt that weekend.  I didn’t really think I could respect Joy anymore, but now I respect not only her work, but her heart.

The workshop was the first of it’s kind.. focused on styling and creative direction.  The information presented was invaluable, but even greater than all the practical application was the inspiration Joy gave us to follow our dreams.

Joy’s encouragement stirred up some BIG changes for my business.  Truly, the weekend was nothing short of a gift!  And since I’m certainly not a photographer, I am so grateful to Rylee Hitchner for sharing these gorgeous images with me.  I am so impressed with Rylee and can’t wait to work with her again this year!  If you aren’t familiar with her work yet, get to know her.  She’s a beautiful person with so much talent!

We also put together bouquets… I was pretty nervous about this part of the workshop since it was my first stab at a bouquet, so I’m just excited it didn’t fall apart!  We all had 10 minutes to style our bouquet photos with the Rylee.  Here is how my first bouquet turned out… what do you think?


by jessica, 03.28.12

new branding

About this time last year, I quit my other job to do event design full time.  I couldn’t be happier doing what I love to do and it’s already been an amazing journey!  I feel incredibly fortunate to be doing something I’m passionate about.

With any business, especially a creative one, I think it’s normal to evolve.  When I started my business, I felt like it was important to give it a name.  As I reflected on where my business is now and how I want it to grow, I realized it’s more important to brand my it as myself, because I am the brand.

Even though I will always need to have assistants to help me and vendors that I work with regularly, any project that I’m a part of is under my Creative Direction.  And while a lot of what I do is indeed “planning,” it’s much more than that.  I consider myself a designer, artist and event stylist first and foremost.  I take care of the logistics in order to execute the design and make sure that it’s implemented as it was intended.

When I attended joy thigpen’s workshop in February (which I’ll post more about soon), I walked away full of inspiration and direction that affirmed my thoughts on needing to rebrand lovebird style.  So today, I’m beyond thrilled to introduce you to my new brand!

It’s more personal and holds a lot of meaning.  What I truly value in life is a part of who I am and how I live, including how I work.  You’ll see my work evolve over the next year to align with what I value.  And this rings true for the work I do for my clients.  It’s my desire and personal goal for all of my clients to have an event that truly represents who they are and what they value most.

This quote seems to sum it up for me and maybe it will resonate with you…

You are what your deep driving desire is.
As your desire is, so is your will.
As your will is, so is your deed.
As your deed is, so is your destiny.

-Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

So when I set out to have someone design my new logo, I asked one of my current clients to help.  I am thrilled to have a bride behind my rebranding because not only is she talented, she has experienced first-hand how I work and what I do.  A special thanks goes to the lovely Jessie Parker who designed my beautiful new logo!

On that note, I’m incredibly thankful to be working with some of the best photographers in the industry this year!  It’s important to me that I work with people who share my values and style.

I can’t wait to share what I have been working on to launch the new and improved jessica sloane event styling & design.  By this time next week, lovebird style will officially switch to  I hope you continue to follow me on this journey… and thank you for your support!

by jessica, 03.7.12

gold inspiration on green wedding shoes

I been drawn to gold for years now.  It might have something to do with my love for antiques. There’s just something about it that makes a statement.  For a while, I’ve been wanting to do an inspirational shoot that embraced my gold obsession.  I asked Brooke of Brooke Boling Photography to collaborate with me on this concept that developed into a golden gypsy theme.  You can see my inspiration board on Pinterest.

Thank you to Green Wedding Shoes for featuring our work and the amazing team of vendors who collaborated with us!  You can check out the full post here.

by jessica, 02.8.12

pinning isn’t planning

“Hi, my name is Jessica…
“Hi Jessica.”
“And I’m addicted to Pinterest.”

I’m starting to think we need to form a Pinterest-aholic Anonymous.  It really is that bad and I know I’m not the only one!

Pinterest has become the inspiration standard (almost overnight), especially in the wedding industry.  Brides are pinning away, tons of ideas and visual inspirations for her big day.  What makes Pinterest so amazing is that it takes away the need to flip through a million wedding magazines and gives the bride a place to categorize all the things she loves… and it’s free!  I find myself using it more and more frequently to assess what my clients like and don’t like.  However, I’ve started noticing that brides feel that what they put on their Pinterest board is in fact what their wedding will look like.

Being inspired is the first step, but it can’t be the last step.  Executing your inspiration takes a well thought out plan and someone who can pull it off.

What inspires us can’t always be replicated in the same exact way.  Say that you see an image of gorgeous sheer draping in a barn (that was taken from someone else’s wedding) and you decide you want the same thing.  That’s great, but what if your reception isn’t in a barn?  Let’s say it’s in a tent.  That changes the entire look and there are things to think through… like how the draping will hang or what will it hang from?  I know this may sound like common sense, but it seems to be a common problem!  We see a picture and think we can and should do the same exact thing.  And you totally can, if you have someone who can execute it.

I aim to take what my brides see and love, make a design plan that pulls from that inspiration, but is personal to them.  I want my client’s to have a wedding that makes sense to who they are and their individual style.  So whether you have a planner or not, make sure your planning doesn’t stop at pinning.  Take your inspiration, make it cohesive and personal and then make sure you have someone who can make it happen on your wedding day!

Happing pinning!

by jessica, 01.10.12

sara + reynolds memphis wedding

Sara and Reynolds were fun and relaxed from the start!  It was a priority to them that we make their wedding an evening full of fun for their guests.  When we talked about how their wedding should look and feel, they wanted to keep things natural and organic.  So we filled birch wood pots and vases with organic materials, such as kale, succulents and bullet allium, which were placed on a freshly cut piece of bark with moss.

The quirkiness of the Metal Museum made the aesthetic a bit more whimsical, which helped set the tone.  The lawn ceremony lighting was amazing… it was if Sara and Reynolds were literally glowing!  The twig arch with the old white library in the background, served as the gorgeous backdrop.

Guests feasted on Memphis-style fried chicken and BBQ and were treated to a full candy and dessert bar, with take-out boxes for the road.  Overlooking the Mississippi River, everyone danced the night away to the sounds of The Downtown Band.  The music was so good, I even joined in!  It was definitely memorable for everyone there.

A big thanks to the girls at Wedding Chicks for featuring Sara + Reynolds’ wedding here!

by jessica, 12.30.11

a fabulous first year!

As 2011 comes to a close, I have been thinking about how incredible this year has been for Lovebird Style. We’ve learned so much and have come so far in such a short amount of time.  We exceeded our goals for our first year in business and were blessed with truly amazing clients!  I am personally so thankful for the brides who trusted me with the day they’ve been dreaming about and looking forward to their entire lives.

Here’s a little look at Lovebird Style’s first year…

photo credits: love is a big deal, claudia kay photography, aron wright photography

In January of 2011, we teamed up with Souder Photography, now called Love Is A Big Deal, for a wintery white inspirational shoot that was published on Ruffled.  Then in February, I turned 31 and remember feeling like there’s a new set of rules… rules that I set, for myself.  And thus I started to dive into the “work” I felt so passionate about and compelled to do.

After seeing my work on Ruffled, Holly of Magnolia Pair, and I met over coffee and brainstormed ways to work together.  So in March, we teamed up with the other girls of Lace * Paper * Flowers to work on a project that was featured on Forget Me Knot Weddings.

In April, the Lace * Paper * Flowers team did a fun shoot with Ulmer Studios that was also featured on Ruffled.  True to form, April showers do bring May flowers!  I quit my current job, so I could work on Lovebird Style full-time.  We started gearing up for our very first wedding and another styled photo shoot that was also published on Style Me Pretty.

In June, Allison and Stu’s lakehouse wedding was Lovebird Style’s first wedding!  It was very exciting (and a little nerve racking), but we learned so much!  It went off without a hitch and we’re thrilled to have had it featured on Wedding Chicks.

In July, our second wedding, was just as special.  Chelsee and Josh have been an incredible blessing to me. Meeting Chelsee was like meeting an old friend for the first time.  It was amazing how well we worked together.  I’ll never forget her face when she saw her wedding set-up.  I was deeply moved by how gracious and thankful she was for all our hard work.  And we were all so excited to have it featured on Style Me Pretty.   Chelsee and Josh welcomed their little boy, Charlie, into the world in November and it’s been a joy for me to still be a part of their lives.

In August, we had another beautiful wedding that was French Provincial influenced.  My husband and I also had our first year anniversary and took a trip to Austin, Texas to celebrate.

In September, we were quite busy with two weddings and our first shoot that wasn’t wedding related, for a major recording artist, with our sweet friend Jessica Lorren Photography.  And October was by far our busiest month, with five weddings, our first print publication, and another styled photo shoot!

In the beginning of the month, I had the great honor of working with my childhood best friend on her wedding in North Carolina.  Denise and Wes’ mountaintop wedding was truly breath-taking.  We had another beautiful wedding at Front Porch Farms and our first wedding in Memphis, which we’ll be posting about later.  We consulted on the design for this fun DIY Kentucky Shaker Wedding that was featured on Wedding Chicks. We also did our first collaboration with Cedarwood.

We ended the month strong, with a styled photo shoot, a project that I had been dreaming up for months.  I’m really proud of how it turned out and that it was featured on one of my favorite wedding blogs, Green Wedding Shoes.

In November, we did another photo shoot for this recording artist.  I also had the opportunity to do a personal photo session with Jessica Lorren Photography, which I absolutely adore.  And then we ended the month with a college friend’s wedding, our last wedding of the year!

December has been full of planning for next year and boy, do we have some fun things in store for 2012!  For starters, I’ll be studying under my industry hero, the amazingly talented Joy Thigpen at her first ever workshop in February.  I will have another opportunity to spend time with her in May and I couldn’t be more ecstatic!

We have some really cool styled shoots planned for the beginning of the year.  And we’re so fortunate to already have some crazy-awesome brides booked!  So, we’ve decided to add some lovely assistants to the Lovebird Style team.  I will be introducing them to you soon!  Oh, and we got walki-talkies for Christmas… they’ll be a nice addition to our toolbox and I’m sure will come in handy.

I’m incredibly humbled and thankful for the many wonderful people I’ve met and the new friends I’ve made along the way.  I cannot express how good it feels to be doing something you love!  So without further ado… thank you to all of our clients, friends, family and fellow vendors who have helped us get to where we are today.  I am so grateful for all your support!  And here’s to an even more fabulous 2012… Happy New Year!


by jessica, 12.12.11

holiday styling with jessica lorren photography

When Jessica and I were working on our last project together for a certain recording artist, we took some shots of our work.  Here’s the inspiration board on Pinterest that I did for the shoot.  You can see her post about it here.  As always, we had a blast working on this together!  And you just might see one of our brides modeling in the photos.  I hope this brings a little inspiration to your corner of the world.  Happy Holidays!!!

by jessica, 12.6.11

kentucky shaker wedding

I am excited to share this adorable, homespun wedding today!  Morgan asked Lovebird Style to help her define her wedding style and make their day unique.  Morgan and I worked together to personalize their day and it turned out beautifully… from the paper airplanes that were tossed during their procession, little airplanes in the homemade pies, picture frames hanging over the dessert table, shaker boxes and Morgan’s collection of milk glass on the tables, to the DIY fabric streamers and family jeep send-off.  I absolutely loved working with Morgan and Andrew.  I’m so impressed by how they implemented our design plans and hope you enjoy seeing the great photos as much as I did.  A big thanks to Artisan Flowers for helping us pull this one off!

You can see the inspiration board I did for Morgan + Andrew here.  A big thanks to Wedding Chicks for featuring this wedding today!  You can see the full feature here and gallery of photos below.

[flickrset id=”72157628300071261″ thumbnail=”square” overlay=”true” size=”medium”]

all photos by love is a big deal


by jessica, 12.5.11

a personal session

One of the best perks of my job is meeting new people and making new friends.  Jess, of Jessica Lorren Photography, and I have become fast friends (with the same name).  We’ve shared a little about how we met and the projects we have worked together on here.  Every time we work together it is incredibly seamless and so fun!  So when we had the opportunity to work on another shoot for this popular recording artist, we thought we’d doing a little shooting together.  Jessica shot this session ALL on film.  The results are amazing and I’m so blessed to have such a beautifully talented friend!


by jessica, 11.29.11

denise + wes mountain wedding

When I was in 8th grade, my parents moved our family from Cincinnati, Ohio to Knoxville, Tennessee over Christmas break.  This was a BIG move for a pre-teen and needless to say, I wasn’t happy about it!  My childhood best friend from Cincy was Denise. I remember her singing the song, “Friend are Friends Forever” by Michael W. Smith, to me at church on our last Sunday.  We even had the best friend heart necklaces where each of you wore a half of the hear… we were the real deal!

I’m sure we promised to keep in touch, but since this was before kids had cell phones and facebook, we didn’t.  But this past summer, 18 years later, I got a call from Denise telling me that she was engaged!  And that she wanted me to help her plan her wedding!

What a huge honor it was to be a part of her life again.  We only had three months to plan a spectacular wedding up on a mountaintop in North Carolina.  Denise and Wes wanted their day to be a small, intimate and personal celebration.

We planned a seated dinner for about 50 guests.  Denise loved the romantic aesthetic that candlelight provides, so we used a lot of dim lighting.  About 50 lanterns hung over the one long guest table.  Denise’s father made the planters out of old barn wood that were filled with potted herbs.  We used teal bottles and mercury glass scattered along the burlap table runners to add color and shine.  We incorporated their love of wine with cork place cards and self-serve wine bottles in burlap bags on the table.

The ceremony was one of the most touching ones I’ve witnessed… Denise and Wes read their hand-written vows to one another and then Denise made a personal pledge to their children.  It was cold (about 35 degrees) and pretty windy on top of that mountain, but no one seemed to care!  It was truly an honor to be a part of this very special day for my very special friend.

photo by blend photography

by jessica, 11.21.11

interview with zankyou is a cash wedding registry for your honeymoon, home or any other dream you may have for your married life.  It’s a great resource for brides-to-be and I was honored to be interviewed for their “Editor’s Friday Favorite” article of the week.  To find out more about how Lovebird Style started, some good and bad wedding trends and what makes Lovebird Style unique, check out the full interview here.


by jessica, 11.17.11

“my deer” inspiration on GWS

I cannot even express how thrilled I am to be published on Green Wedding Shoes today!  Last month, I shared that Lovebird Style was selected as a GWS preferred vendor, but this it the first time we’ve had our work published on the amazing blog!  Green Wedding Shoes is one of my favorite wedding blogs because of its very unique and hip style.  If you’re looking for some out-of-the box wedding inspiration, add it to your google reader now!

“My Deer” is some of my latest and more personal work.  Since I’m typically styling for a client, it’s all about making their dreams come to life.  And this is a dream that I’ve had for a while.  My style shows in all of my work, but this one feels true to my personal style… bohemian, organic and a tad edgy.

Here’s a look at the shoot, but you can read more about how this shoot came to life in the full feature here!  As always, I’d love to know what you think.

concept and styling | lovebird style {}
photography | love is a big deal {}
flowers | artisan flowers {}
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hair and makeup | jordan byers {}
dress | winifred bean {}
jacket and hat | monkey suit {}
venue | paradise cabin {}
beer and pint glasses | jackalope brewing company {}
by jessica, 11.10.11

collaboration with jessica lorren photography

I recently had the honor of meeting my new friend and fabulous photographer, Jessica Lorren, at a wedding a few months ago.  We met for coffee that weekend and really hit it off.  We both left trying to think up a way we could work together… since Jessica lives in Florida and I’m in Tennessee.  An amazing opportunity presented itself just a few weeks later and we’re thrilled to share a little taste of what we did.

Our first project as “Team Jessica” {which we affectionately like to call ourselves} was to work on a merchandise photo shoot for a major recording artist.  I styled and she captured it… and quite frankly, we’re pretty proud of the results!  The following images are of the food truck, Tin Can Treats, that participated in our outdoor themed shoot.

Due to the nature of the shoot, we can’t share much more, but be on the lookout as the new website for this artist will be launching within the next week!  As a matter of fact, we’re working today on a sequel with a holiday theme that will also be on her new website.  You can check out the post and our inspiration board for today’s shoot here.  And be sure to check out Jessica Lorren Photography’s post too!

by jessica, 11.7.11

a sweet nashville wedding in the rain

The weather is always a major concern for the bride on her wedding day.  And unfortunately it’s a concern you can’t control.  However, you can adjust and respond accordingly.  That’s exactly what we did for Katie and Corey’s outdoor wedding this past September on Labor Day at Carnton Plantation.

Katie and I had worked for months and months to design her perfect wedding and needless to say, she was disappointed when the weather didn’t cooperate with our plans. We made some last minute adjustments and Katie + Corey’s wedding turned out to be very sweet and beautiful.  I was honored to be a part of their special day and it just goes to show, that you CAN have a gorgeous wedding in the rain!

photo by love is a bid deal

by jessica, 11.3.11

from tuscany to tennessee

Liesl is from South Africa, Dean from Australia.  They met on a yacht in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Dean moved to the Caribbean for work, and Liesl to France.  They shared a romantic and beautiful weekend together in New York and a few months later, a blissful ten days in Tuscany.  For the next three years, they worked on the same yacht, which took them on an adventure around the world… the Mediterranean, Egypt, the Caribbean, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.  To say these two are world travelers would be an understatement!

We were honored to be part of the wonderful Cedarwood team that designed a truly gorgeous event that represented their journey.  Recalling their amazing trip to Tuscany, they eloped in the hills of Tennessee. They had an intimate ceremony on the dock at Cedarwood’s Mooncake Lake and then dined on wine and cheese, overlooking the hillside.  There were so many gorgeous details, but here’s a little preview by Kristyn Hogan.


by jessica, 10.31.11

holiday inspiration

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays to decorate for.  But this year, my October has been crazy busy, so I haven’t had a chance to pull out my old medicine bottles and spooky antiques.  Instead I’m looking forward to the holiday season and prepping for a photo shoot next week that will have a glittery winter theme.  Think mercury glass and white accents in front of a warm fireplace.  I’m not at liberty to talk much about the shoot, but it’s the second shoot I’m doing for a major recording artist.  I’ll be posting a little more info next week, but for now enjoy some inspiration I’m gathering for this special project!

Image sources are unknown, but found on Pinterest.

by jessica, 10.25.11

an intimate tennessee evening

Some couples just “get it” and that’s so true of Virginia and Zac.  I had the honor of working with them about a week before their wedding, to help them make sure their plans came together.  They chose to host a very intimate ceremony of about 18 people and then a larger reception the following evening.  Both events were at the same location, at a private residence on a hilltop overlooking gorgeous farmland.  It was very romantic and I’m excited to share some pictures taken by Aron Wright Photography.

[flickrset id=”72157627855189903″ thumbnail=”square” overlay=”true” size=”medium”]

by jessica, 10.10.11

chelsee oaks’ wedding on style me pretty

Chelsee + Josh were so fun to work with!  We are really proud of how they pulled together a monster to-do list in a short amount of time to make their wedding both gorgeous and personal.  This was Lovebird Style’s second wedding ever and we’re so happy to share that it is featured on Style Me Pretty today!  Chelsee and I really hit it off from the beginning and I’m honored to now call her my friend.  A huge thanks to all the vendors who were a part of this special day!  You can see the full post on Style Me Pretty and list of vendors here.

by jessica, 10.7.11

lovebird style published in mingle magazine

We are super excited to share that Lovebird Style has its own magazine article!  We were asked to write about how Lovebird Style came into existence for a magazine that explores unique and creative ideas for throwing parties called “mingle.”  Mingle is a new publication by Stampington & Company, who publishes high-end arts and crafts magazines.  All of Stampington & Company’s magazine covers are made of matte artist paper, so they appeal to the crafty reader.  We’re so honored to be featured under “blogs to follow” and would love for you to check out our 6 page spread! You can purchase the magazine at your local Barnes and Noble, Lowes, Whole Foods, Michaels, JoAnn’s Fabric or online at Amazon or Stampington & Company. Images featured in our magazine article were taken by Souder Photography.

by jessica, 09.6.11

featured on wedding chicks

Remember Allison and Stu’s lake wedding?  We’re happy to share that the girls over at Wedding Chicks wanted to feature the wedding on their blog.  We are so honored that our first wedding got published!  Thanks to Artisan Flowers for the beautiful flower arrangements and Allison’s stunning bouquet also featured on Wedding Wire.  And thanks to Souder Photography for telling their story through all the wonderful images.

You can see the full article here


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