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I love it when things come full circle. Emily used to work for me. For years, she was my right hand and we worked really well together. Fast forward several years. She has built a beautiful clothing brand that she designs out of Nashville. It was an honor to work with her again, styling her latest collection. Photos by Ashtin Paige. See the full 2020 Spring Collection of EMLEE here.

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wynne & pooh

We are looking forward to the time where we can be together again for celebrating life’s happy moments. Here’s one of our favorite examples! This is Taylin + Taylor Lewan‘s daughter’s second birthday celebration that we designed last year. We coined the Winnie the Pooh theme, “Wynne & Pooh.” Wynne and her friends had a tea party. They snacked around the table with the Pooh characters, played together and were sent home with themed treats. All the cute photos were captured by Premo Creative.

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julia + danny’s outdoor wedding at the greenbrier

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sophie + max’s organic farm fall wedding

Sophie and Max got married at one of our favorite venues, Bloomsbury Farms, last fall. The ceremony was held in an open field, followed by a celebration in the wooded pavilion and tent. Wearing a dress from The Dress Theory, with textural floral design from Vintage Florals, it was a bohemian dream! Photography by our lovely friend, Jessica Lorren.

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taylin + taylor lewan’s big sur wedding

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named top planner across the U.S. by BRIDES

We have been in business almost nine years. As 2018 comes to a close, with another destination wedding, this time in Tulum, Mexico, we are humbled and honored to be named a ” Top planner across the United States” by BRIDES magazine. Check out the current issue. Thank you, BRIDES!

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2019 wedding trends

Martha Stewart Weddings has a reputation for leading the trends in the wedding industry, so naturally I was honored when they asked me and some of the nation’s top event planners to project wedding trends for 2010! Here is what I predicted: “Event designer Jessica Sloane explains that weddings are getting edgier, something we’ll see come to fruition in many ways next year. This is particularly interesting, since moodier accents are in direct contrast with the romantic blush décor, soft textures, and bright photography that’s dominated the wedding scene in recent years.” You can read the article here!

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light vs. dark editorial shoot

I wanted to do a shoot that explored light versus dark, putting emphasis on how pretty darkness can actually be. A piece of artwork fueled the inspiration for the pieces I curated to bring the shoot together. Conceptualizing a shoot, and then collaborating with other artists to breathe life into it, is one of my favorite things to do. I hope you find inspiration in this moody bridal shoot with gorgeous floral design by The Farmer’s Florist. You can see it all on Once Wed here. Photos by my friend, Kyle John Photography.

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modern bride editorial shoot

I’m all about bridal style with a relaxed and fresh vibe. It was a joy to collaborate with Lauren Balingit, Kelly Lenard and Nomad Collective on this effortless bridal shoot at Ruby in Nashville. We wanted to evoke a laid-back mood in the images we created and give a nod to a slow moving lifestyle. You can see the full feature on Once Wed… and if anyone wants to hire me for their Italian wedding, that’s literally my dream. Just saying!

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expert tip: how to word your invitation

Paperless Post is a great resource for save-the-dates, engagement parties, showers and birthday parties! They recently published a great article that I wanted to share that can help you pick your invitation wording. To see the post, click here.

Calligraphy by Written Word Calligraphy and design in collaboration with us for a client last December. Photo by Tec Petaja.

Miller and Patton-2

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arkansas bride: hannah + shay mooney

Arkansas Bride and Style Me Pretty featured the beautiful wedding of Hannah + Shay Mooney (of Dan + Shay), that I gave a glimpse of, in my post on their wedding here.

Their Fall Arkansas wedding was one for the books (or in this case, magazines) and this spread truly highlights the elements I felt honored to be a part of. When Hannah and I first combed through images of things she was drawn to as far as inspiration for their wedding, we landed on a mood of warm, timeless romance. That is exactly what the day became and what I know the two of them will have forever.

Bride_FW18_NoBarCode (1) p1 p2 p3 p4 p5

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nell + elliott’s spring wedding at the cordelle in nashville

Nell and Elliott were as laid-back as it gets when it came to planning their wedding. Their priority was to have a fun dance party with their friends, which we accomplished by having a massive dance floor area inside The Cordelle with The Downtown Band on stage. Guests enjoyed dinner under the tent in the lawn and then moved inside for the party! Images captured by Brandon Chesboro.










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hannah + shay mooney’s farm wedding

So many features, so much joy. Hannah + Shay Mooney (of Dan + Shay) are just as amazing as the picturesque landscape they said “I do” in front of. Their wedding was featured with People, Country Living & BRIDES (to name a few) and I feel honored to have been a part of it. Let the pictures below (courtesy of Heather Payne Photography) take you on their beautiful journey. Oh, and Shay sang an original song for Hannah at the reception. They are too cute!













jessica-sloane-wedding-planner-shay-mooney-wedding_0004 jessica-sloane-wedding-planner-shay-mooney-wedding_0007





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tatiana + randy houser’s wedding in people magazine

It was hard to keep this one under wraps for so long, but entirely worth it!

On a warm afternoon in May, Randy Houser and Tatiana Starzynski were married under a large oak tree. Just as the two said their vows, a large clap of thunder unveiled a rainstorm that broke the heat. Randy and Tatiana described it as a “beautiful thing,” as if the environment was being effected by the energy the two have.

We focused on a warm and inviting aesthetic that really represented these two. It was the perfect mix of masculine + feminine that intertwined their taste and backgrounds.

It was also refreshing to conduct a “cell phone collection” at the start of their big day, which really aided everyone to live in the moment and take in the events that were unfolding around them.

By the end of the night, the open-air room was full with candlelight and a warm fire from the double-sided fireplace that mirrored the emotions of everyone in attendance.

People Magazine was also present for the special day, covering the highlights in their exclusive article here.

jessica-sloane-the-grovers-phoography_023 jessica-sloane-the-grovers-photography_026















jessica-sloane-the-grovers-phoography_010 jessica-sloane-the-grovers-phoography_008




jessica-sloane-the-grovers-photography_047 jessica-sloane-the-grovers-phoography_020



jessica-sloane-the-grovers-photography_052 jessica-sloane-the-grovers-photography_051






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christina + shaina’s miami wedding

Christina and Shaina are genuinely best friends! I loved working with them on their very lush and vibrant wedding in Miami, Florida at Villa Woodbine this time a year ago and it was featured on Martha Stewart, here! We loved working with Anthology Floristy for the first time. This was also our first time using velvet table runners, which we sourced from BBJ Linen. And it’s always an honor to work with the great Erich McVey, who documented the celebration! Despite the unexpected rain during dinner, this was joyous celebration! Happy first anniversary to these two!






















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christine + ben’s nola wedding on martha stewart

Christine and Ben have a love story for the ages, while they met in high school,  both on their debate teams from opposite sides of the country, they didn’t find romance until years later through mutual friends when they were both in New York. It was so special planning their New Orleans Wedding, which blended Christine’s Vietnamese heritage and Ben’s Jewish roots. I miss these two! You can find featured in Martha Stewart Weddings; “A New Orleans Wedding with a Pastel Color Palette.











































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brooke + nic’s tennessee wedding on martha stewart weddings

One of my favorite wedding designs can now be found on Martha Stewart Weddings. But even better than their impeccable style, I always admired Brooke and Nick’s authenticity. They’re the couple that I always run into at Trader Joe’s with their precious daughter. I look at them and envy their grounded relationship. What an honor it was to be a part of their special day and continue to know them!

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_033

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_008

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_001

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_002

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_006

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_013

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_007

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_044

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_030

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_050

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_034

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_009

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_046

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_012

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_051

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_036

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_027 jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_045 jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_017

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_038

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_042

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_035

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_055

jessica sloane and lauren kinsey bloomsbury farm wedding_025

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rose + jarrett’s southern tennessee wedding

When we work with clients who are more like friends, it’s a seamless partnership. Rose is a calm and collected woman with lots of grace. She trusted me and her wedding was such a beautiful celebration. I’m honored at what she said about working with us.

“We wanted to showcase the things we both love about Nashville. Southern charm, hospitality, and the ability to be modern and chic while effortlessly classic, laid back, and comfortable at the same time. Great food and music above all things were priorities. There is no one I can imagine who appreciates and embodies all of these things and can bring them together with style and grace the way Jessica Sloane did!”

This wedding was featured in the Magnolia Rouge magazine and can be seen here!

jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_008 jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_012 jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_018 jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_010 jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_027 jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_033 jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_030 jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_024 jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_036 jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_066 jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_023 jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_046 jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_048 jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_034 jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_053 jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_054 jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_011 jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_056 jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_060 jessica sloane and erich mcvey wedding_062


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ny times: kelly clarkson’s the ‘meaning of life’ album release party

It’s not everyday we have the privilege to step out of our comfort zone and try something outside of our norm. Planning and styling an album listening party for over 200 radio programmers was new territory for us and we loved every minute of putting this major event together for Kelly Clarkson! The “Meaning of Life” is Kelly’s eighth studio album with an edgy cover and soulful sound. Orchestrating the event at which she would share it with a small corner of the world before it’s release felt very special to me. The New York Times say it best in their article mentioning the event; Kelly Clarkson Is Nobody’s Puppet. She is an inspiration to all women and that’s what we worked hard to represent at this special event that took place at her personal home!

AX5A9990 AX5A9991 AX5A9989

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cozy fall wedding in the tennessee hills

Occassionally, I’m asked to style instead of plan. Usually I do all of the above for a client. But, this one was just a styling job.. but it made it really fun to come in and work with m friend Jessica Lorren to compose shots and tell such a beautiful story for Natalie and Danny’s wedding. See more on Style Me Prettyjessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_001 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_002 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_003 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_004 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_005 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_006 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_007 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_008 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_009 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_010 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_011 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_012 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_013 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_014 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_015 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_016 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_017 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_018 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_021 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_019 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_022 jessica sloane and jessica lorren fall wedding_020

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organic garden bridal inspiration in nashville

Cheekwood is the perfect canvas for a simple editorial shoot with plenty of lush gardens and corners to get lost in. Joey Kennedy and I did just that as we created a fresh bridal look around the beautiful Chandon Gown by Miss Hayley Paige via The Bridal Theory. I always love working with Melissa of Vintage Florals and naturally like to build a design that gives her creative freedoms. The stunning bouquet she designed was a focal point for the shoot and I worked to a build a nude color story around that. A neutral palette brings out the vibrancy of everything you pair with it. Get all the details from this organic garden inspired shoot courtesy of Magnolia Rouge.

410222-16928-JUSajuz67123-lovmedia 410174-16928-EMA2UhY67123-lovmedia 410187-16928-aMarUqE67123-lovmedia 410212-16928-aMUGa7e67123-lovmedia 410176-16928-qU5UNYq67123-lovmedia 410177-16928-ZEMEruj67123-lovmedia

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erika + alex orbison’s wedding in BRIDES magazine

It’s been an exciting week: BRIDES has featured one of our Summer weddings as their Nashville Wedding of the Day. Erika Wolf married Alex Orbison, son of the late Roy Orbison, at Bloomsbury Farm, right outside of Nashville. In planning their special day, it was all about capturing the true magic of the venue and of course, Old Hollywood. Sarah Falugo was a joy to work with!

Erika-Wolf-Alex-Orbison-20170817_02 Erika-Wolf-Alex-Orbison-20170817_06 Erika-Wolf-Alex-Orbison-20170817_04 Erika-Wolf-Alex-Orbison-20170817_11 Erika-Wolf-Alex-Orbison-20170817_09 Erika-Wolf-Alex-Orbison-20170817_13 Erika-Wolf-Alex-Orbison-20170817_19

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charming cheekwood wedding

Liz and Warren said their vows by the Reflection Pool at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville, TN. The celebrating continued with dinner and dancing in the neighborhood at Belle Meade Country Club. It was a night full of celebrating, not only the couple’s marriage, but also the bride’s birthday! You can see the full featured on Once Wed. Photos captured by the sweet and talented Cassidy Carson and featured in the current issue of Nashville Lifestyles Real Weddings magazine.





by jessica, 01.30.17

minimal and contrasting earth tones

I’m so drawn to the color black and the stark contrast with nude tones. I couldn’t come up with a great name for this board, but non-the-less, it’s one of favorites to date.


  1. jim franco bowls/photo by Gentl & Hyers 2. voltz clarke 3. unknown 4. pietboon
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rock quarry wedding editorial

It was inspiring to work on an editorial shoot in a rock quarry! I thrive off working in new and unexpected environments. We produced this along with Leah Michelle, Melissa Broadwell, FEAST at Graystone Rock Quarry as seen in the gorgeous current issue of Magnolia Rouge!






jessica-sloane-and-leah-mceachern-photography_002 jessica-sloane-and-leah-mceachern-photography_100






























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martha stewart weddings: who to follow on instagram

We got some exciting news this week: Martha Stewart Weddings named us as one of “27 Wedding Planners You Need to Follow on Instagram.” And what Martha says is gold!

martha stewart ig


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big sur mood board

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

I’ve been traveling more for work this year and I love it! It’s always inspiring to see new things or some of the same things, in a new way. I’m headed to Big Sur next week and had to do an inspiration board for what’s to come.

big sur

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RT lodge familiarization trip

I had the honor and privilege of being invited to RT Lodge in Maryville, Tennessee this spring for a familiarization trip. The venue and staff there far exceeded my expectations and I’m dying to do a wedding there soon! We were wined and dined and got to make new friends while making ring dishes with McQueen pottery and foraging flowers to make our own arrangements. New friends Natalie Watson and Sarah Ingram shared these photos, which shows off this hidden Southern gem!

RTLODGEeditedscan-44RTLODGEeditedscan-12RTLODGEeditedscan-36 005648-R1-016 005654-R1-004 RTLODGEeditedscan-48 RTLODGEeditedscan-52 RTLODGEeditedscan-66

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translating interior inspiration into tablescape styling


Drawing inspiration from anywhere, I often find myself feeling particularly inspired by interior spaces that resonate with my aesthetic. Drawn in by color (or more accurately, the lack of color), line, pattern and textures, when I walk into a store, restaurant or home (where all these things align), I feel more alive than I did a few minutes prior. More than just being pleasing to the eye, your environment can be food for the soul.

When working with my clients, this is what I aim for – a personal, individual events space that feels like you! Your wedding day should not only reflect your personal aesthetic, but more than that, it should be an extension of who you are, and what ‘home’ means to you.

Curating a minimal, thoughtful tablescape also requires a clever and focused symphony of individual elements. Using the interior trend of mixed metals (copper on gold!) and contrasting neutrals as an example – a trend that has inspired me and that I’ve used with a client recently – you can layer copper chargers with organic ceramics, minimal glass and matte rose flatware. To add height, dimension and a sense of visual balance, weave in copper and marble held taper candles, adding softer textures with charcoal linen and cotton paper place cards.

When translating interior inspiration into a complete, cohesive tablescape, here are some more general guidelines you can adhere to: 

  • Ambient lighting helps set the mood: using lots of candles helps the space feel warm and inviting.
  • For a tablescape to look finished, you must straighten all your flatware, position plates in the centre of the chair at least an inch away from the edge of the table.
  • Don’t crowd your table with decorative elements: leave room for elbows so your guests are comfortable.
  • Edit down your use of too many colors.
  • Mix textures within your color palette.
  • Use unexpected elements: for instance, in the tablescape design I mentioned above, we used copper piping connectors to form candle holders adhered on marble tiles.

Read the full article here on my favorite blog, The Lane!

by jessica, 03.22.16

gavie’s historic carnton wedding

This wedding was a joy to design. It is rare that I get to work weddings from afar and not be present on the day of, but still see the vision come to fruition. It took place on a beautiful day at Carnton Plantation, a historic estate that is in Gavie’s family. This wedding was also featured in Nashville Lifestyles Weddings most recent issue and captured by the talented, Austin Gros.


by jessica, 03.7.16

anna + adam’s cheekwood wedding

What stood out to me most about Anna and Adam and their family was how kind and thoughtful they all were. Their intentionality showed in the details of their wedding. Shades of red were complemented by the simple gold accents, while Anna’s bridesmaids shined in their beaded gowns. The intimate ceremony was held in the stunning Church of the Assumption in Nashville and the reception was at Cheekwood Botanical Garden’s Museum of Art and Swan Lawn. The grounds at Cheekwood inspired the natural arrangements with pops of burgundy and sprawling branches by Vintage Florals. It was a night to remember!

See the feature on Once Wed today. Images captured by Rylee Hitchner.

jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_005jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_017jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_014jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_010jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_007jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_028jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_018jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_016jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_019jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_013 jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_002jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_025jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_004jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_029jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_001jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_008 jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_009jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_026jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_012 jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_030jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_021jessica-sloane-rylee-hitchner-photography_003

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welcome boxes from teak and twine

I had the honor of helping Teak & Twine with their product shots and have since gotten to know the owner, Torrance. I really admire the message behind Teak & Twine, which is, “gratitude changes everything.” Gosh, that’s so true!

In your search for the perfect gift to thank your bridesmaids, groomsmen, family, hostesses and guests, look into these thoughtfully curated boxes and you’ll look no more!


by jessica, 02.8.16

sneak peak: new orleans wedding

Destination weddings are exciting for both the couple and the guests. They’re a time to escape to somewhere new and they add a mystical element to an already magical day.

Christine and Ben are a busy couple living in NYC. Christine was named one of Forbes Top 30 under 30 of 2015. In their off time, they like to vacation in one of their favorite cities, New Orleans, because it’s so different from their normal lives. I’m excited to join them in NOLA for their special day this April.

Not only is the wedding taking place at the amazing, Marigny Wedding House (which has hosted several celebrities), but we have an all-star vendor team: photography by M.K. Sadler, florals by Holly Carlisle and Michaela McBride‘s talented calligraphy and paper goods. Stay tuned to see how this we help tell this couple’s journey!


Photo by Erika Parker Photography

If you follow my posts at all, you’re probably no stranger to the concept of my inspiration boards. They help me to hone in on an overall aesthetic for an event and conceptualize it more efficiently throughout the planning process. Here is a snapshot of what you can expect for this NOLA wedding.

christine + ben



by jessica, 01.29.16

jessica’s home tour on design sponge

What an honor it was to be asked by one of my all-time favorite blogs, Design Sponge, to feature my home! My son’s nanny, Shelby Hornbuckle, is multi-talented. She took these photos and I’m excited to share them! All the calligraphy you see is from our previous nanny, Jessie Early. Apparently I like to employ really creative people! You can see the full tour here.


by jessica, 01.21.16

serenity + rose quartz

Pantone did something they’ve never done before.. they chose a color combo, a soft shade of blue and a milky pale pink, for this year’s color of the year.

I really love what their Executive Director said, “Joined together, Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.” This is board is my interpretation.

please be seated shoot

  1. nicole pletts 2.unknown 3.corbin gurkin for emily riggs 4.the mrs. box
by jessica, 01.14.16

nfocus magazine: part two

The second day of shooting for the NFocus feature was with two of my past clients (and friends). I did their wedding in LA last year. We had such a great team of local vendors again! I pulled dress from The Dress Theory, Fabulous Frocks, Modern Trousseau and Olia Zavozina. Menswear and tuxes were provided by Street Tuxedo. All jewelry was graciously borrowed from Brentwood Jewelry. Hair and Makeup by Hannah Farmer and beautifully captured by Cassidy Carson.

jessica-sloane-event-design-cassidy-carson-photography_0027jessica-sloane-event-design-cassidy-carson-photography_0023jessica-sloane-event-design-cassidy-carson-photography_0028jessica-sloane-event-design-cassidy-carson-photography_0029jessica-sloane-event-design-cassidy-carson-photography_0003jessica-sloane-event-design-cassidy-carson-photography_0024jessica-sloane-event-design-cassidy-carson-photography_0032 jessica-sloane-event-design-cassidy-carson-photography_0033jessica-sloane-event-design-cassidy-carson-photography_0034jessica-sloane-event-design-cassidy-carson-photography_0010jessica-sloane-event-design-cassidy-carson-photography_0009 jessica-sloane-event-design-cassidy-carson-photography_0008jessica-sloane-event-design-cassidy-carson-photography_0002jessica-sloane-event-design-cassidy-carson-photography_0031 jessica-sloane-event-design-cassidy-carson-photography_0001


by jessica, 01.11.16

nfocus magazine: part one

It’s a dream to work on a cover for a magazine. NFocus, a Nashville magazine, asked me to creative direct their feature for the bridal issue they release once a year. We put together a story based on some of Nashville’s best hotels. Our first models were Max Goldberg and his lovely new wife, Laura Lea. We had such a great team of local vendors. I pulled dress from The Dress Theory, Fabulous Frocks, Modern Trousseau and Olia Zavozina. Menswear and tuxes were provided by Street Tuxedo. All jewelry was graciously borrowed from Brentwood Jewelry. Hair and Makeup by Hannah Farmer and beautifully captured by Cassidy Carson.


by jessica, 11.24.15

barnsley gardens wedding: evanne + phil

Evanne and Phil grew up as family friends and their relationship evolved into adulthood. They chose Barnsley Gardens Resort because of it’s mix of old-world charm and quaintness. It was the perfect spot to host all of their out-of-town guests as it served for the perfect little getaway, tucked in the middle of the countryside outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Their romantic color palette was a unique mix of peaches and gray tones. I loved the juxtaposition of all the soft textiles against the rustic textures of the grounds. And their escort card wall was my favorite to date. It was also such a treat to work with Amy Osaba and see her floral designs come to life at this Southern soiree. Austin Gros captured it all so perfectly and it was featured on the Green Wedding Shoes blog here!



by jessica, 11.10.15

cottage hill community dinner

As artists, it’s easy to get wrapped up in our own dreams and inspirations. But our art improves when we our limits are stretched and challenged by the community around us. I’ve been reading the book, Bread & Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table as a reminder to why we come together and how sharing your journey with others enriches your life. I love this quote from the book: “The heart of hospitality is about creating space for someone to feel seen and heard and loved. It’s about declaring your table a safe zone, a place of warmth and nourishment.” So I gathered some fellow creatives and we each brought to the table what we had to offer and shared an evening, a meal, a conversation.

“So this is the dance, it seems to me: to be the kind of host who honors the needs of the people who gather around his or her table, and to be the kind of guest who comes to the table to learn, not to demand.” – Shauna Niequist, Bread & Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table, with Recipes.

This story was published in the new Cottage Hill Magazine. You can read the full feature in the Pioneer Issue out next week. All photos by Austin Gros.

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by jessica, 10.27.15

wedding color palettes

Recently, Martha Stewart asked a handful of planners/designers to give their insider tips on getting the wedding of your dreams. I loved this question and was honored to be asked. After thinking on it for a while, I wanted to talk about how to achieve a color palette without choosing “wedding colors.” Here’s my tip:

“Jessica Sloane of Jessica Sloane Event Styling and Design notes that having very specific wedding colors in general is a thing of the past. It’s no longer important to have your favorite color being worn down the aisle by all your bridesmaids. Instead, focus on what resonates with you. Think about what you want the day to feel like, and less about what you want it to look like. That will help lay the foundation in telling your story. And a color palette will ultimately surface.”

You can read more insider tips on Martha Stewart’s blog today! Photo by Elizabeth Messina via Martha Stewart.


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