by jessica, 11.18.13

austin + amanda’s wedding

One of the greatest things about my job is working with so many talented people and becoming friends with them.  I work a lot with both Austin and Amanda Gros and I was really excited for them when they got engaged!  It was an honor to do the flowers and styling for their wedding, even it if was just two weeks after I gave birth to my son!  There a beautiful couple inside and out and their day was nothing short of gorgeous!  It was such a joy to meet and work with Erich McVey as I’ve admired his work for a long time. Thank you to Weddings Unveiled magazine for publishing our work and for Once Wed who featured it on their beautiful blog as well.

jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_001jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_003jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_029jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_005jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_021jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_002jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_011jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_009jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_007jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_022jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_030jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_012 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_016jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_018jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_024jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_008jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_023



    • joey
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    • November 18, 2013

    sooooooo beautiful! Congrats!!!

    • Breezy
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    • October 29, 2014

    Hi! I know this is random but do you know where her engagement ring is from?? It is so beautiful. I'm interested in something similar. Thanks :)

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