by jessica, 06.10.13

cozy wedding on once wed

Working with Mancy and Alex was a breeze.  They were confident about what they wanted their wedding to feel like from the beginning.  Their priority was to have a celebration that was comfortable and warm, like a Kinfolk dinner with their closest friends and family gathered around them.  And on their wedding day, Mancy and Alex really embrace the rainy weather with such grace.  It actually felt like we planned for it to rain as the wet weather brought everyone closer and we had a very intimate gathering!  Rylee Hitchner captured it beautifully!  And I’m so honored to have it featured on the always stunning blog, Once Wed.





    • Aunt Joyce
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    • June 10, 2013

    Grace Kelly could not have done it any better

    • Celeste L.
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    • June 22, 2013

    Beautiful! I especially love the cake and the bride's look, including her bouquet.

    • Vanessa
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    • July 3, 2013

    Beautiful! Where was the reception?

    • jessica
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    • July 9, 2013

    Thanks! It was at the log cabin at The Hermitage.

    • Katelyn Drenchen
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    • October 8, 2013

    I really enjoyed the coziness of this wedding. It made me feel at home in a sense. The picture at the end said it all: you had one happy bride.

    • Connie
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    • December 26, 2013

    I love everything about this! Elegant and warm. What linens are used?

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