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timeless sophistication

As I was brainstorming about how to start the new year with fresh inspiration, this board came to life. And I kinda love it. Doesn’t it feel sophisticated and timeless? It may feel a little masculine, but I’m already thinking of how I’d design a classy event around it.


 1. hilt journal 2. koti ja keittio 3. apt. 2b baking co. 4. 1924


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a beautiful year

Better late than never, right? My family has been really sick over the holidays, but I finally had a chance to pull together some of my favorite images from several of my 2013 weddings.

With 13 weddings, I had a pretty busy year! I started doing flowers for some of my clients and really enjoyed that process. I had the honor of doing my sister’s wedding, I did my first same sex wedding. And my first TV show.Looking back, I was incredibly blessed with amazing clients, many of which have become friends.

I’ll be sharing my sister’s wedding soon. And I have several more weddings from this past fall/winter that I’m looking forward to sharing with you! Thank you to all of my lovely clients for making it possible for me to do what I love!

2013 review


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a peaceful season

In the midst of a busy time of year, I’m reminding myself that this is a season for slowing down, being thankful, resting and reflection. I’m keeping that close to my heart and mind as the holidays near. This is my visual reminder of peace. I hope it inspires you to sit and sip on your coffee or hot cocoa a little longer this morning. Happy holidays to you and yours!


1. brian w ferry 2. secret maison 3. bench & compass 4. unknown


by jessica, 12.11.13

kimberly + justin’s cheekwood wedding

This gorgeous wedding was an absolute dream to work on! The LA couple wanted to get married in Kimberly’s hometown of Nashville. When I first met with Kimberly she explained that they wanted their wedding day to look and feel like a garden dinner party. Guests received a hand-calligraphied invitation with botanical liner to set the stage for the evening. Their wedding took place on a sunny fall day with all of their close friends and family gathered together at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens.

Upon arrival, the women were served champagne and truffles in the drawing room of the Museum of Art, a 1920’s Georgian-style mansion. The men mingled around the Reflection Pool sipping on bourbon and telling stories about the groom. Guests wrote notes to Kimberly and Justin in “The Green Florilegium,” a book full of old botanical prints. When it was time for the ceremony, everyone processed together to the boxwood gardens and took their seats. The sun was setting as Kimberly and Justin took their vows and the bridal party joined around them for a moment of blessings. It was a magical ceremony, followed by a joyful celebration. Cocktails were served on the Terrace and in the Loggia, under a grand chandelier by the light artist Bruce Munro.

Guests dinned on a delicious southern-style dinner at tables set with heirloom silver containers filled with herbs, ferns, fruits and fall blooms. Everyone danced the night away to Super T, who literally came out in a Superman outfit marked with a big letter T! It was definitely a night to remember!  Jessica Lorren captured the day so beautifully.  And thank you to one of my favorite blogs, Once Wed for featuring this special wedding!

jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_001 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_002 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_003 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_017jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_041jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_009 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_010 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_013 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_014 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_017jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_029 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_019 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_020 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_021 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_022 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_023 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_024jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_008jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_006 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_025 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_027jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_018 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_028 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_032 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_033 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_034 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_036 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_037 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_038 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_039jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_031jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_044 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_045 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_004jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_046 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_047 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_007jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-jessica-lorren-photography_048


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austin + amanda’s wedding

One of the greatest things about my job is working with so many talented people and becoming friends with them.  I work a lot with both Austin and Amanda Gros and I was really excited for them when they got engaged!  It was an honor to do the flowers and styling for their wedding, even it if was just two weeks after I gave birth to my son!  There a beautiful couple inside and out and their day was nothing short of gorgeous!  It was such a joy to meet and work with Erich McVey as I’ve admired his work for a long time. Thank you to Weddings Unveiled magazine for publishing our work and for Once Wed who featured it on their beautiful blog as well.

jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_001jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_003jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_029jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_005jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_021jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_002jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_011jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_009jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_007jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_022jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_030jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_012 jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_016jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_018jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_024jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_008jessica-sloane-event-styling-and-design-erich-mcvey-photography_023


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june + gabe’s wedding on snippet and ink

I’m taken back to this wedding when I hear the Kopecky Family Band on the radio. Their super-talented lead guy, Gabe Simon, married June last September and I was honored to be a part of it! Being from Arizona, June wanted their classic brunch wedding to pay homage to her roots, so we incorporated proteas and air plants in the centerpieces. Each guest was greeted with a personal mad libs about the couple, which was artfully drawn by my lead assistant, Holley Maher. Coffee beans were the perfect favor to compliment all the yummy breakfast foods, complete with a pancake cake!  Thank you to Austin Gros for the lovely images and Snippet and Ink for featuring our work today!




















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simply beautiful

Occasionally I’ll find myself drawn to an image without knowing why.  This set of images just resonate with me.  The details are both simple and intricate.  And when paired together, they’re even more beautiful!


 1. mary mccartney 2. my sweet reveries 3. picky wallpapers


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modern bridesmaid fashion

This fashion-influenced shoot with Michael Howard was such a fun challenge.  I love editorial work as it allows me to be creative and experiment outside of my comfort zone.  Sometimes it’s hard to incorporate modern pieces into an event without it feeling cold.  In this shoot, I wanted to highlight a few looks that play on modern architecture and clean lines, but could also easily be worn by bridesmaids or party guests. You can see the inspiration board I did for this shoot in my post from last week.

Amanda Gros did a beautiful job highlighting these looks with sleek hair and makeup. And thank you to the ladies over at 100 Layer Cake for sharing this shoot with their readers today. Check out the full feature here!














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mod fashion-inspired board

Michael Howard, an awesome film photographer in Nashville and owner of Musea, asked me to collaborate with him on an editorial shoot.  We wanted to create something fashion driven, so I put together this board, which served as the inspiration for a shoot we did this summer.  I’ll be posting images from the shoot next week when it’s published on 100 Layer Cake.





by jessica, 08.16.13

urban nashville wedding

Kathryn and Justin got married in a courthouse the day before they threw a party for all their friends and family. As a former culinary student, we chose design elements that incorporated Kathryn’s passion for fresh food into the centerpieces that held radishes, pomegranates and kumquats among bright flowers and lush greens. The inspiration for the event was a modern take on the farmer’s market.  The festive flowers were done by Melissa of Vintage Florals and the lovely photography by Jessica Lorren.
















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my little family

Since I’ve shared some maternity photos and images of Sullivan’s nursery, I figured I should share a few images of Sullivan and our little family.  Becoming a mother has been both the hardest and best thing of my life.  These images are particularly special to me because my dear friend Jessica Lorren took them for us.  I look forward to showing them to Sullivan one day!



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bridal bouquets

I’ve really enjoyed designing flowers for my clients recently, especially their bridal bouquet.  Flowers are such an integral part of the overall design.  But more importantly, when I’m putting together a bridal bouquet, it feels like I’m making a very personal gift for my client, whom I’ve gotten to know pretty well by the time her day is here!  It’s definitely become one of my favorite things, so I wanted to share one that I designed for a bride this past spring.  Rylee Hitchner captured it so beautifully!



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white summer inspiration

I just got back from the Aly’s Beach area in Florida, where we hosted my sister’s destination wedding.  I was so inspired by all the white European-inspired architecture that felt so clean and fresh.  I fell in love with it, really.  Here’s a board that I came up with out of that inspiration.

1. unknown   2. fresh gypsy  3. Creuse House by M Architecture  4. Bicylette Boutique Blog



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cozy wedding on once wed

Working with Mancy and Alex was a breeze.  They were confident about what they wanted their wedding to feel like from the beginning.  Their priority was to have a celebration that was comfortable and warm, like a Kinfolk dinner with their closest friends and family gathered around them.  And on their wedding day, Mancy and Alex really embrace the rainy weather with such grace.  It actually felt like we planned for it to rain as the wet weather brought everyone closer and we had a very intimate gathering!  Rylee Hitchner captured it beautifully!  And I’m so honored to have it featured on the always stunning blog, Once Wed.




by jessica, 05.21.13

classy farm wedding

It’s really fun to work with couples who are young and in love!  This couple’s passion for each other is undeniable.  Their wedding was a beautiful representation of their personalities… both relaxed and simple.

Sam and Emily’s wedding was on Emily’s family farm, Deer Valley in Franklin, Tennessee.  I just love the weeping willows that were peppered with blooms to serve as the altar.  We decorated the spacious barn with lace and champagne linens, soft lighting and loose flower arrangements.  To keep with the farm theme, fresh potted herbs were given as favors.

This classy wedding was captured by the talented Brandon Chesbro and featured on 100 Layer Cake today. Congrats to Emily and Sam!



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expert tip: working with neutrals

When it comes to design, a simple neutral palette like this inspiration board from last week, may seem intimidating, but it’s actually one of the easiest to work with. Adding neutrals to your color palette can elevate your design, bringing balance and cohesion.

There are some important things to keep in mind when using neutrals as your color scheme. It is important to incorporate different textures to keep the décor interesting. That could be through the use of polished or dull metals or combinations of rough and smooth textiles. The more balance between these elements, the more engaging the design will be. While choosing different textures, be sure to pick up on the undertones, to make sure that what you select will all work together.

Don’t let working with a neutral palette intimidate you! These colors and tones should do just the opposite as they evoke tranquility, and a soft, sophisticated elegance.  Working with all neutrals is one of my personal favorite palettes because it feels clean, peaceful and refined!


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blush wedding inspiration

It’s high time for a new inspiration board!  I have a lot of clients say that they want to incorporate blush tones in their color palette.  “Blush” can mean different things to different people, so here’s my take on what it looks like.  And in my opinion, it’s the most stunning when paired with other neutrals.  There’s a muted softness in this board that I really love!

1. Jetske Visser 2. Landon Metz  3. Karina Manarin 4. Vogue Australia

by jessica, 05.2.13

sullivan’s nursery design

I’m a little behind on my blogging because I gave birth to our beautiful baby boy, Sullivan Finch Sloane, on March 13th!  And I’ve been dying to share his nursery that I worked so hard to design and get ready for him.  It was important the space feel tranquil, but still be fun and inviting, so I used a lot of neutrals to balance out the bits of color.

There are several personal touches throughout the room.  I framed my favorite maternity photo. The embroidered constellations are my sign, my husband’s sign and Sullivan’s sign, all made by my mother. The “rules to always be a gentleman” poster was a gift I gave to my husband for our future baby.  And the cardboard animal heads were purchased in my husband’s hometown and then we lovingly put them all together.

Some of my favorite elements in the room are his wooden toys, especially the camera, the antique arrows and sailboat mobile.  I guess I had a bit of adventurer’s theme going on in my head when I picked out all the details.  When he realizes it’s his room, I think he’s going to like it!  And I can’t thank my friend, Odalys Mendez, enough for taking these gorgeous photos for me!

by jessica, 03.18.13

spring inspiration and hair tutorial

Early spring is always inspirational to me!  It’s the start of a new season and things are beginning to change outside. So similar to the work I did with Austin & Amanda in the fall, we put together this shoot that’s featured on 100 Layer Cake today.  You might remember seeing the inspiration board for it here.

Amanda put together a hair tutorial that you can see in full over on 100 Layer Cake.  We painted leaves with gold spray paint and put them in the bride’s hair to give her a bit of a grecian look. The sleek dress and gold jewelry are complemented with the bouquet I put together made up of astilbe, ranunculus, seeded eucalyptus and white peonies. And as always, Austin captured everything so beautifully!  I hope you feel inspired and ready for a new season with these images.

by jessica, 03.4.13

motherhood with rylee hitchner

Honestly, I really hesitated about getting maternity pictures done.  This is definitely a beautiful time in my life, but let’s face it, when you’re 8-9 months pregnant, “beautiful” isn’t exactly how you feel!

So instead of an inspiration board this month, I decided I share something personal.  And while I wouldn’t typically do a personal post, I’m humbled at Rylee Hitchner’s talent and so grateful to her for capturing these so I can show my son one day.  And thank goodness Jordan Byers did my hair and makeup.. she’s simply the best!

by jessica, 02.20.13

colorful wedding on style me pretty

Jordana and Trent have been one of my favorite couples to work with because of their deep love for each other and rich creativity.  Full of whimsy and bright colors, this wedding had a feather aisle, food truck for catering and lots of vintage decor.  This is a hipster wedding by definition and I loved being a part of it!  Their wedding is featured on Style Me Pretty today, so be sure to check it out!

by jessica, 02.11.13

from paris with love

I’m dreaming of traveling to a romantic city, but since I’m over 8 months pregnant and that’s not going to happen, I thought I’d share this inspiration board so we can all dream a little together.  I used this board for a couple’s engagement session in Paris that I styled and posted here.

first image from siebe warmoeskerken and other image sources are unknown

by jessica, 01.14.13

paris engagement

I was honored that Joey Kennedy asked me to be a part of this beautiful Paris engagement shoot for Caroline and Richard.  The couple spent a few days in Paris before heading to London for their wedding… how ideal is that?  I just love the colors we chose and the softness of these film images that Joey took!  You can see the full feature on Style Me Pretty’s new Living blog here!

Paris Film-0044



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DIY cheese platter

In September, I had the opportunity to visit my friend, Jessica Lorren.  One of our favorite things to do is eat cheese and drink wine (of course, since I’m expecting, I had to skip the wine this time)!  And we wanted to share how a well-executed cheese plate doesn’t have to be intimidating to put together.

I hope you enjoy these beautiful images by Jessica Lorren and our tips on how to build your own cheese platter with things you have around the house.  You can see this featured on Style Me Pretty today!

First, find a platter that will fit 3-5 types of cheese. This could be anything from a marble or slate platter to a wooden cutting board. Secondly, decide what types of cheese you want to offer. When shopping, pick a variation of soft to hard cheeses. Then choose your pairings. Fruit (especially figs), olives, jams, honey, mustard and meats all make good sides. We went with a mix of Greek and Spanish olives, blueberry jam, pear, marcona almonds, honey, salami and prosciutto. Don’t forget to buy an assortment of crackers and/or breads. Choose an option that is more seedy along with your plain white crackers.

To tie our cheese board together, we went with a travel-inspired theme. We choose a gouda from Holland, Italian truffle cheese, French blue cheese, Wisconsin cheddar and Spanish drunken goat cheese.

Lastly, place your cheeses on the board from soft to hard. You can make labels for each cheese, if you like. We did this by cutting bamboo skewers, labeling cut pieces of card stock and taping the labels on each skewer.

If you’re using a soft cheese like brie, set it out for an hour before serving to make sure that it softens and will spread. Place your savory and sweet sides on the board. Grab some small knives and snack plates. Now pour a glass of your favorite red or white wine and you’re ready to serve!

by jessica, 01.1.13

soft winter wedding inspiration

Embracing a new year is refreshing and exciting!  When I reflect on 2012, I’m simply amazed.  I’ve worked with some of my “heros” in the wedding industry… people I really admire and feel fortunate to know.  I’ve gotten the opportunity to learn from them and collaborate with them.  I’m blown away at some of the opportunities that have come up for me this year… like my Southern Living feature, being named Tennessee’s top event planner and then being asked to work on a TV show!  My couples this year were also a joy to work with.  I couldn’t be happier as I anticipate the new year.

With the birth of our first child coming in just a few months, I can’t help but think 2013 will be a real adventure!  I’m looking forward to new beginnings, new experiences and new weddings to work on.  This board, as a whole, resonates with me and how I feel.  It’s fresh and raw, while the gold touches add an element of elegance.  And while this aesthetic could be applied to anything, wouldn’t it make for an incredibly beautiful winter wedding?

Cheers to all the things that this new year brings!

1. Vogue China 2. Olive Manna 3. KT Merry 4. Grundtvig’s Church

by jessica, 12.28.12

melissa + kelley frances

Melissa and Kelley-Frances met at Vanderbilt and have such a deep appreciate and respect for each other’s ideas and opinions. It was a joy to work with them on making their union a true celebration of their love and personalities. The ceremony and reception took place at Houston Station, an industrial warehouse with lots of wood textures. A nod to their academia and love for stories, we used encyclopedias and cigar cases for the centerpieces. Their invitations were designed to look like the first page of a book and they gave everyone a library card to write well wishes on it for each of their anniversaries. It was a special night!

Thank you to Austin Gros for the images.



by jessica, 12.14.12

rich fall wedding flowers and inspiration

I teamed up with two of my favorites, Austin Gros and Amanda Paige, to show ways that brides can incorporate this season’s rich colors into their wedding palette.  The board I did for this shoot is posted here, where I wrote about how to “ditch the theme” for your wedding and infuse your own style into your special day.

Wouldn’t this look be perfect for your bridesmaids if you’re planning a fall wedding for 2013!  Amanda did a beautiful job on the hair tutorial, so you can learn how to do your own hair this way at the end of the post.  I hope you enjoy it!

And thank you so much to the lovely ladies of Once Wed for featuring it today!

by jessica, 12.12.12

simple holiday inspiration

Personally, I love Christmas.  I always have.  My husband thinks it’s funny that I invest so much time in decorating our house, especially since we leave town for the holidays.  But I can’t help it, otherwise this time of year can be awfully dreary without something to look forward to.  I think it’s magical when you can capture the holiday spirit in a wedding, party, or just in decorating your home.  This year, I’m particularly drawn to warm whites and fresh greens for the holidays because simplicity is beautiful!

Happy Holidays, my friends!!!

1. vicki archer 2. cotton wood studio 3. better homes and gardens 4. my little porch

by jessica, 12.5.12

tennessee farm wedding

Jessie and Aaron are one of those couples who are happiest when they’re around each other and they poured that love into their wedding day.  From the beginning, they wanted to have a relaxed wedding day where they got to spend time with their close friends and family.

Las Paletas popsicles were served to guests upon arrival to cool off on a hot summer day.  Jessie’s JCrew gown got a little makeover with buttons from her grandmother’s dress and she carried lace from her mother’s dress wrapped around her bouquet.  Her bridesmaids wore different dresses and the groomsmen sported chambray shirts with local Immogene + Willie jeans.  They had fun celebrating and singing along with Aaron’s band members from Apache Relay.  They are two of the sweetest people and it was a joy to work with them!

Sometimes my clients become my friends and Jessie has definitely become a special person in my life.  She is the one who designed my logo and is now my son’s nanny! A big thank you goes to the dear ladies at Wedding Chicks for featuring their wedding and to Austin Gros for the gorgeous images!

by jessica, 11.16.12

southern living feature

Wow, what a great week it’s been!  First, I got a call from The Daily Meal letting me know that I was awarded the top event planner in Tennessee!  Then, I got my mail yesterday and the December issue of Southern Living was there!

I really can’t put into words how thrilled and incredibly honored I am to have been picked by Southern Living as “one of the South’s most sought after event planners.”   Southern Living asked me to share some of my tips for entertaining in style and looking great while doing it.  I had fun answering their questions!  Be sure to check out the other two Southern event planners that are featured.

If you’re interested in seeing the full article, you can find it on news stands now or see it here!

by jessica, 11.1.12

autumn inspiration

We’re burning wood fires and the colorful leaves are starting to fall in Nashville.  Autumn is definitely my favorite time of year.  And as we approach Thanksgiving, I am reminded of all the things I am thankful for, both personally and professionally.

This past year has been a great year for my business as I’ve rebranded, done larger scale events and have expanded to offer floral design services.  I’m excited to share that I am one of three southern event stylists that were chosen to be featured in the “Southern Tastemakers” section of December’s issue of Southern Living!  It’s such an honor to be chosen for such a quality publication and I can’t wait to see it!

Any job will always have challenges, but I couldn’t be more thankful that I find so much joy in my work.  Thank you to my clients who have trusted me with one of the most important days of their lives.  I am grateful and honored to be a part of your life at such a special time!

1. kinfolk 2. kinfolk 3. lonny mag 4. margaret & joy

by jessica, 10.11.12

expert tip: ditch the theme

It’s common in the wedding industry to refer to your wedding style as your “theme.”  I was a victim of this when I started my business.  When I set out to do a photo shoot, I felt like I had to come up with a theme first.  But as I’ve grown, I’ve learned that having a theme ins’t necessary at all and I try to avoid using that term with my clients because themes are produced and unnatural.

Having a theme implies that your using a common idea or something that has been done before.  Instead, I urge my clients to look for ways to bring their personality and personal style into their wedding day, in ways that feel natural to them.  If you set out to carefully and thoughtfully design your wedding from the beginning, it will come together without having to embrace a theme at all.

This time of year is by far the most popular time to get married in the South, but just because you’re having a “fall wedding” doesn’t mean you have to make that your theme.  There’s much more to autumn than pumpkins, acorns and apples.  I am excited to be working on a few projects over the next month that will showcase ways to embrace a style that’s fitting for fall, without using a theme.  Here’s an inspiration board I just put together for one of these upcoming projects.

1. unknown 2. nicolette camille 3. jennifer behr 4. Nirav Photography

by jessica, 10.1.12

ethereal evening wedding inspiration

Autumn is really inspring to me.  The weather is perfect as it starts to cool down in Nashville and I love being outdoors this time of year.  This inspiration board is representative of how October feels to me… the moodiness and contrasting tones are eerie, while still being romantic and ethereal.

1. unknown 2. daniel andrade 3. chateau de moissac 4. unknown


by jessica, 09.24.12

floral design services

After much consideration and prepping for next year, I am excited to make a big announcement today about how my business will be expanding!

I’ve been asked before to include floral design as part of my services.  It’s something I’ve been interested in, but because I work 12-14 hours on an event day, it seemed like too much for me to take on by myself. However, with the design of the flowers being such an integral part of the overall aesthetic, I’ve found it to be important that I head a floral design team to ensure the cohesion of my vision and the floral pieces within it.

So this year, I’m adding 2 additional event assistants to my team (3 in all) and a floral team, with floral design expertise, who will work to fulfill my design vision, bringing it to fruition and providing clients with a more inclusive design package.

photo by rylee hitchner

I’ve explained my role before as “Creative Director” and it’s important to me that my clients understand just how involved I am in the creative process when I’m hired.  I work really hard to make sure we’re designing an event that is truly unique and personal with every decision that’s made from beginning to end.  To achieve this, it takes a great deal of time and effort, but the end result is always worth it!

I love my job because I love working with clients who have a vision that they want help conceptualizing and bringing to life.  As I collaborate with my clients, we both develop that vision and have a clear idea of how the event should look and feel.  It is then up to me to ensure that aesthetic is well-executed on the day of the event.  To now have the resources in place that allow me to fully execute that vision from beginning to end is a very exciting step forward in my business!

If you’re interested in learning more about this service, please feel free to contact me here!

by jessica, 09.6.12

expert tip: which vendors should you hire first?

As part of the Nashville Wedding Planners Group, I participate in a panel discussion each week on a variety of topics concerning the wedding industry.  This past meeting, the question was raised as to what wedding vendors should be hired first and why?  I wanted to start a blog post where I share my answers and give you some simple advice.

Most people think to select their venue first so they can set their wedding date.  While that’s true, a wedding planner often knows the ins-and-outs of the wedding venues in your area and can help you weigh the pros and cons of each.  She may also have suggestions for you that you didn’t even know existed.  I help a lot of my clients pick a venue based on their aesthetic and budget.  What can be an overwhelming process can be a lot easier with a planner to guide and consult with you.

photo by rylee hitchner

A designer and stylist are your next priority.  Sometimes this is the same person as your wedding planner (like myself), but some times it’s not.  You may have opted not to hire a wedding planner or only want to use someone for day-of services, but still want a designer to help you conceptualize your wedding aesthetic and bring it together on the day of your wedding.  A stylist will also work closely with your photographer to get the shots you want so you can potentially get your wedding published (if you’re into that).

Once you have your planner, designer & stylist booked, narrowing down the venue and setting a date is key to the rest of your planning process.  Upon setting your wedding date and venue, I’d prioritize booking your photographer, because they book up fast and it’s important to get someone whose style you really love. From there, you’ll move on to booking the catering company, your entertainment and florist because those vendors can typically only take one event a day.

I hope this is helpful… lookout for more expert tips each month on the blog.

by jessica, 09.4.12

simple september inspiration

Recently, I was asked what my biggest creative influence is?  Part of my answer centered around relationships, intractions and experiences.

Do you ever look at something and it makes you think of something else?  We all have associations that bring value and meaning to our every day lives.  This board encompasses a feeling of simplicity and tranquility that I find truly beautiful.  And maybe it will provoke a different thought or feeling for you.  That’s what makes us all unique and I love that about the human experience.

1. ville hara & linda bergroth 2. muveil 3. joy thigpen 4. sharyn cairns

by jessica, 08.23.12

bridal fashion and beauty with tec petaja

A while back I shared the inspiration board that I did for a shoot where I collaborated with Tec Petaja, who is hands-down one of the best wedding photographers in the industry.  I simply adore Tec’s work and love how this shoot turned out!  It’s also always a pleasure to work with the super talented Jordan Byers, who created several different looks with the model’s the hair and makeup.  A few images from this shoot were published in the last issue of Mag Rouge and be sure to check out the gorgeous feature of it today on Style Me Pretty!

by jessica, 08.17.12

french bride

What’s more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day?  I felt like these gorgeous black and white film images by Rylee Hitchner deserved a post all their own.  Don’t miss my first post of this special day here. And you can check out the full post that was featured on Style Me Pretty yesterday!

by jessica, 08.16.12

intimate french wedding

I had the great pleasure of meeting and getting to know Rylee Hitchner at Joy Thigpen’s workshop last February.  I was immediately impressed with her sweet spirit and beautiful talent.  Then, this summer we had a wonderful opportunity to work together.  I’m just in love with these images by Rylee!  It was such a dream come true to work with the ever-talented Amy Osaba and Mara of Neither Snow.  I couldn’t limit the post to only a few pictures, so be on the lookout for part 2 tomorrow.  Thank you to all of the wonderful people who’s work made this day so magical!  And don’t miss the featured post on Style Me Pretty today!

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